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TRiCC Visiting Researchers

Every year, researchers from all over the world visit Trinity. Some of them for short periods of time, others for longer. One of the challenges we face as an academic community is finding ways of helping them get to know us, and us them. Our Visiting Researchers page is designed to help address this challenge. Some of the researchers will be visiting TRiCC, while others will be arriving to work on existing research projects in particular schools.

TRiCC provides a space for Visiting Researchers to connect with multiple researchers across schools, facilitating interdisciplary collaboration.

If you are a member of TRiCC and have a visiting researcher coming to Trinity, please let us know. We can introduce them to the wider community of researchers in childhood across TCD by highlighting their work and research interests on our website.

If you are a visiting researcher to Trinity, working on child or youth research, and would like to connect with TRiCC, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sara Serrate Gonzalez

Visiting Research Fellow from University of Salamanca

Sara holds a PhD in Education, is a graduate of Social Education and has a bachelor’s degree in Psycho-pedagogy. She has considerable expertise in the areas of education and prevention of gender-based violence. Currently Sara is an Assistant Professor in the University of Salamanca in the Faculties of Social Sciences and Education. She teaches on the degrees of Social Education and Social Work, as well as the Master's Degree in Advanced Studies in Education and Interdisciplinary Gender Studies modules and the specialised Diploma on Vulnerable Children in Society: intervention, inclusion and participation, all in the University of Salamanca. Her core areas of work are socio-educational intervention in childhood and youth, social pedagogy and education for equality in the family and in school.

Sara is a member of a recognised Research Group within the University of Salamanca: "Processes, spaces and educational practices". The focus of much of her research is socio-educational intervention with children, families, women and the elderly. She has participated in research studies with other university research groups and institutions and social and educational organisations such as: child protection centres, youth clubs, family support centres and education settings for older people. Sara is especially interested in the resolution of situations that require preventive or re-education processes with participants who are at risk of social exclusion. Her key current interest is in the practice of socio-educational agents as social educators in schools and the preventive processes or the interventions that they perform in situations of need or problems of integration.

"I arrived on June 14 and I will be until September 14, for 3 months. I choose TRiCC because, at the University of Salamanca, we are starting new projects such as my research group, a new postgraduate degree in vulnerable childhood, and a new social laboratory. We want to learn about other teaching and research methods and how TRiCC is organized in the investigation of children and young people, especially minors in social protection and disadvantage.

I am working directly with Trevor Spratt as well as on new joint projects with Conor McGuckin and Stephen Minton of the School of Education. On the subject of gender equality and prevention of violence, I am working with Sioban O'Brien Green."

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