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TRiCC Visiting Researchers

Every year, researchers from all over the world visit Trinity. Some of them for short periods of time, others for longer. One of the challenges we face as an academic community is finding ways of helping them get to know us, and us them. Our Visiting Researchers page is designed to help address this challenge. Some of the researchers will be visiting TRiCC, while others will be arriving to work on existing research projects in particular schools.

TRiCC provides a space for Visiting Researchers to connect with multiple researchers across schools, facilitating interdisciplary collaboration.

If you are a member of TRiCC and have a visiting researcher coming to Trinity, please let us know. We can introduce them to the wider community of researchers in childhood across TCD by highlighting their work and research interests on our website.

If you are a visiting researcher to Trinity, working on child or youth research, and would like to connect with TRiCC, do not hesitate to contact us.

Spring 2020 Visiting Researcher

Hamide Elif Üzümcü

Visiting PhD researcher from the University of Padova, Italy

Elif is a PhD fellow in Social Sciences: Interaction, Communication, Cultural Construction at the University of Padova in Italy. Her research interests include childhood studies, children’s geographies, ethnographic research with children, parental surveillance and children’s media uses, and social construction of privacy.

Her research problematizes the privacy of children within families and aims to explore the negotiations around the social construction of privacy at home in everyday family lives in Turkey. Built on ethnographic fieldwork with 33 families with children aged 11 to 13, it discusses children's strategies of constructing boundaries around their privacy both in their uses of domestic spaces and new media technologies.

Elif is visiting the Trinity Research in Childhood Centre from February to June 2020 and works with Prof. Trevor Spratt. She welcomes approaches for further discussions on her research.

"Being exposed to the research culture here at TRICC is an excellent opportunity to improve my research skills. Prof. Trevor Spratt, co-Director of TRiCC, is keen to help me make the most of my time here. I feel privileged to work with him, he inspires research with his social policy perspective and generously shares his expertise. While at TRiCC, I look forward to discussing my research on digital childhoods and cross generational negotiations on children’s privacy within families, while continuing to analyse data and write up the key outcomes of my thesis. It is wonderful to be involved in this stimulating research platform with the childhood researchers from diverse experiential backgrounds"

Contact Elif at

Autumn 2019 Visiting Researchers

Regitze Anne Saurbrey Pals

PhD student at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and the University of Copenhagen

Regitze has a Master’s degree in Public Health and is currently a PhD student at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and the University of Copenhagen. Her research interests include sociology of health and illness and qualitative research approaches.

Her PhD research explores what pre-teenagers (9-12 year olds) with type 1 diabetes, and their families, associate with care and support when the pre-teenagers transition to adolescence. The study will inspire the development of an intervention. Regitze is visiting TRiCC from Sept-Dec 2019, collaborating with Professor Imelda Coyne.

"While at TRiCC, I will focus my attention on pre-teenagers’ participation in diabetes care and support. The research stay is a unique opportunity for me to discuss methodological, theoretical and ethical issues related to involving children and families in research, chronic illness in a family context, and transition phases in children with chronic illness. My collaborator during the research stay is Professor Imelda Coyne, who has extensive experience with research exploring and promoting children’s participation in matters that affect their lives. In particular, I am inspired by the PACE study, which aims to encourage young people with type 1 diabetes to be more actively involved in interactions with health professionals."

"During my stay at TRiCC, I plan to work on data analysis and draft two articles based on family workshops and individual interviews with pre-teenagers, respectively. I am very excited to be here and look forward to engaging with leading childhood researchers with diverse professional backgrounds. "

Contact Regitze at

Summer 2019 Visiting Researchers

Deirdre Donohue

Laidlaw Scholar and undergraduate psychology student in Trinity College Dublin

Deirdre is entering the third year of her bachelor’s degree in psychology in Trinity College Dublin. Her primary research interests lie in developmental psychology, particularly in children’s mental health and immigrant children’s wellbeing. She has received funding through the Laidlaw Research and Leadership Programme to conduct ten weeks of research in her area of interest, under the supervision of Dr Lorraine Swords.

Her research project is entitled: Moving to, and Growing Up in, Ireland: Immigrant children’s experience of early life stress, supportive relationships, and long-term psychological wellbeing. The research contains both quantitative and qualitative elements, with an initial analysis of Growing Up in Ireland data, followed by a structured interview phase.

"Conducting my research in TRiCC is an amazing opportunity to work with some of the leading childhood researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds. The collaborative and energetic environment stimulates the generation of new ideas and an increased awareness of different view points, which in turn, leads to more original and well-developed research. I look forward to being both supported and challenged here in TRiCC, as I conduct the first independent research project of my academic career"

Contact Deirdre at

Dr Heidi Siller

Visiting Researcher from the Medical University of Innsbruck, joining TRiCC as part of the Eurolife Short-Term Research Exchange Program

Heidi Siller is a psychologist, clinical and health psychologist and researcher. She is working at the Gender Medicine Unit, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria

Her research focuses on violence in different settings:

  • Interpersonal violence: how medical and health professionals deal with women affected by domestic, interpersonal and intimate partner violence, how to best include training on interpersonal violence in medical and health profession education (focus on midwifery students)
  • Mistreatment of medical students: how students perceive mistreatment during medical education, how they can be supported to respond to such mistreatment (e.g. strengthening resilience)
  • Toxic academic workplaces: power constructions, discrimination and inequality in academia

Her second research focus explores career progression, inequality in career pursuit and discrimination in careers, with particular focus on medical careers.

Heidi specializes in qualitative research methods, mostly applying an intersectional framework to deconstruct intersecting aspects (e.g. social characteristics) that contribute to power structures, discrimination and inequality. She also includes gender aspects and influence of gender constructions in her work.

"I am very excited to be here and to work with midwives and leading researchers in midwifery on supporting women affected by domestic violence. TRiCC offers me the unique opportunity to collaborate across disciplines, to exchange and share ideas and perspectives with colleagues coming from diverse professional backgrounds and experiences. TRiCC provides the space to expand and deepen my research network, consequently promoting our (research) efforts in fighting domestic violence and violence against women."

Post-Visit UPDATE!

Heidi wrote about her visit with TRiCC for the Eurolife website:

TRiCC has a fantastic work culture and offered collaboration, discussion and reflection on research findings and project ideas with inspirational researchers across various disciplines... Prof Trevor Spratt, Director of TRiCC, and Siobán O’Brien Green, expert in DV and pregnancy, were my closest collaborators during this research stay. Thanks to them, I had the unique opportunity to share and discuss research on domestic violence with outstanding and inspirational researchers and stakeholders in numerous meetings. These meetings strengthened my own research network but also resulted in future research collaborations. Besides exchanging research ideas and findings, Siobàn and I presented our research findings on DV, IPV and pregnancy in the Irish and Austrian context to health care professionals at the Centre for Midwifery Education (CME), Dublin. Additionally, we collated our research findings in this area and drafted a guide on DV in pregnancy. In this guide, the most important steps when screening for DV and IPV are presented, including self-care of staff. In the future this guide can be used as mnemonic after being pilot tested in Austria.

Read more on the Eurolife website

Contact Heidi at

Link to Heidi's university profile

Previous Visiting Researchers

Sara Serrate Gonzalez

Visiting Research Fellow from University of Salamanca

Sara holds a PhD in Education, is a graduate of Social Education and has a bachelor’s degree in Psycho-pedagogy. She has considerable expertise in the areas of education and prevention of gender-based violence. Currently Sara is an Assistant Professor in the University of Salamanca in the Faculties of Social Sciences and Education. She teaches on the degrees of Social Education and Social Work, as well as the Master's Degree in Advanced Studies in Education and Interdisciplinary Gender Studies modules and the specialised Diploma on Vulnerable Children in Society: intervention, inclusion and participation, all in the University of Salamanca. Her core areas of work are socio-educational intervention in childhood and youth, social pedagogy and education for equality in the family and in school.

Sara is a member of a recognised Research Group within the University of Salamanca: "Processes, spaces and educational practices". The focus of much of her research is socio-educational intervention with children, families, women and the elderly. She has participated in research studies with other university research groups and institutions and social and educational organisations such as: child protection centres, youth clubs, family support centres and education settings for older people. Sara is especially interested in the resolution of situations that require preventive or re-education processes with participants who are at risk of social exclusion. Her key current interest is in the practice of socio-educational agents as social educators in schools and the preventive processes or the interventions that they perform in situations of need or problems of integration.

"I arrived on June 14 and I will be until September 14, for 3 months. I choose TRiCC because, at the University of Salamanca, we are starting new projects such as my research group, a new postgraduate degree in vulnerable childhood, and a new social laboratory. We want to learn about other teaching and research methods and how TRiCC is organized in the investigation of children and young people, especially minors in social protection and disadvantage.

I am working directly with Trevor Spratt as well as on new joint projects with Conor McGuckin and Stephen Minton of the School of Education. On the subject of gender equality and prevention of violence, I am working with Sioban O'Brien Green."

Contact Sara at

Read more about Sara's publications and projects