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TCEH publications 2021

Publications 2021

Holm, P. & Nicholls, J., Fishing at the Edge of Existence: Shetland, Faroes, Iceland, c. 1540-1790. Northern Studies 2021, 1-21

Brennan, R Making space for plural ontologies in fisheries governance: Ireland's disobedient offshore islands. Maritime Studies Springer

Chambers JM, Wyborn C, Ryan ME, Reid RS, Riechers M, Serban A, Bennett NJ, Cvitanovic C, Fernandez-Gimenez ME, Galvin KA, Goldstein BE, Klenk NL, Tengö M, Brennan R, et al. Six modes of co-production for sustainability. Nature Sustainability 4: 983-996

Ludlow, F, Manning, J.G. Volcanic Eruptions, Veiled Suns, and Nile Failure in Egyptian History: Integrating Hydroclimate into Understandings of Historical Change Springer

Nicholls, J , Allaire, B, Holm, P The Capacity Trend Method: A new approach for enumerating the Newfoundland cod fisheries (1675-1790) Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantititive and Interdisciplinary History