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About Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities at Trinity College Dublin

Environmental Humanities at Trinity College Dublin

Welcome to the Trinity College Dublin Environmental Humanities Research Hub.

The Environmental Humanities at Trinity College Dublin aims to raise environmental awareness, perception and action through multi-disciplinary research and education. We collaborate through a cross-disciplinary lens and draw upon the insights of history, literature, philosophy, drama, film, media and culture studies, anthropology, sociology, psychology, geography, and other related disciplines.

Global climate change is an existential issue for the human condition, and finding solutions to its social and environmental dilemmas is vexing. The United Nations Development Program textbook on Foresight Methodologies maintains "most authors discussing scenario analysis recommend the use of multiple scenarios. The future is uncertain, and analysis of just one scenario does little to communicate much about the range of opportunities and challenges liable to confront us."

Drawing upon expertise from across the humanities, social and natural sciences, the Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities (TCEH) provides a collaborative forum and interdisciplinary atmosphere for scholars from TCD and beyond. The Centre seeks to advance research and education that addresses major questions concerning how humans influence, and are influenced by, the environment. Moreover, the Centre is committed to fostering awareness of and informing debate over the pressing environmental challenges facing world societies. TCEH welcomes collaborations, short and long term visiting fellows, as well as graduate students.