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TCEH publications 2019

Publications 2019

Brennan, R. (2019) "Critical reflections on 21 November 2019 Dáil Éireann debate on the Island Fisheries (Heritage Licence) Bill, December 2019

Brennan, R. (2019) "Marine Planning Policy Statement Submission of the Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities, August 2019

Bruisch, K (2019) " Layers of Meaning and Layers of Time in a Former Russian Peat-Mining Region, in: Arcadia: Explorations in Environmental History no. 39 (Environmental & Society Portal)

Bruisch, K (2019) " The State in the Swamps: Territorialization and Ecosystem Engineering in the Western Provinces of the Late Russian Empire, in: Zeitschrift für Ostmitteleuropa-Forschung 68:3 pp. 345-368

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Hayes, P.W. (2019) Matthews, J.A. Vieira, N. " Facing Changes, Changing Targets: Sperm-Whale Hunting in Late Eighteenth-Century Brazil. Arcadia 44 (Environment and Society)

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Rankin, K. (2019) Holm, P. "Cartographical Perspectives on the Evolution of Fisheries in Newfoundland’s Grand Banks Area and Adjacent North Atlantic Waters in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, Pages 190-218." The Journal of the Society for History Discoveries (Taylor and Francis)

Scherer, C. (2019) Ludlow, F. Matthews, J.A. Hayes, P.W. Klais, R. Holm, P. A Historical Plankton Index: Zooplankton abundance in the North Sea since 800 CE, 2019, (in progress)