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TCEH publications 2014

Publications 2014

Hurrel S. and Brennan, R.(2014) Clyde Reflections - a film and audio-visual installation. In Griffith D. (Ed.) Imagining Natural Scotland. Creative Scotland: Edinburgh and Glasgow. (Chapter available for viewing with full permission of Creative Scotland)

Brennan, R. (2014) Where is the management plan for Isla Holbox, Mexico? An ecological reserve in the midst of social and political controversy. The Island Review

Brennan, R. (2014) What lies beneath. Ruth Brennan on probing the cultural depths of nature conservation conflict in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. The Island Review

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Bruisch, K.; Nikolaus Katzer, Bol'shaia voina Rossii: Sotsial'nyi poriadok, publichnaia kommunikatsiia i nasilie na rubezhe tsarskoi i sovetskoi ėpokh, Moscow, NLO, 2014

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