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Literary Geography papers and chapters by Charles Travis

Representational Issues in Deep Mapping: Peeling the ‘Poetic and Positivistic’ from the Western Geosophical Onion, in eds. David Bodenhamer, John Corrigan, and Trevor Harris, Making Deep Maps: Foundations, Approaches, and Methods, Indianapolis: Indiana University Press.

The Morphology of Prometheus, Literary Geography and the Geo-Ethical Project, Geosciences 5 August 2021 (Geoethics Special Edition)

Apocalyptic Literary Geographies: The Tempest’s ‘Brave New World,’ Frankenstein’s ‘Modern Prometheus,’ and Cloud-Atlas’ ‘ Furthest-Seein’ Eye.’ in Ed. Earl Harper and Doug Specht, Imagining the Apocalypse in the Anthropocene: Politics at The End of Things. London: Routledge. In Press (2021)

Ghost Cathedral of the Blackland Prairie, Waxahachie, Texas, Places in the Heart and the Superconducting Super Collider (with Javier Reyes) In Eds. Charles Travis, Francis Ludlow, Ferenc Gyrus, Historical Geography, GIScience and Textual Analysis: Mapping Landscapes of Time and Place. Springer Press, (2020).

Inventing the Grand Banks: A Deep Chart. Humanities GIS, Cartesian and Literary Perceptions of the North-West Atlantic Fishery ca 1500-1800, Geo: Geography and Environment (2020)

Historical and Imagined GIS Borderlandscapes of the American West: Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove Tetralogy and L.A. Noirscapes, Special Issue University Consortium of Geographic Information Science, International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing (2020).

Paralleling Joyce’s Cables: ACIS 2015’s Digital Studies, Discourses, and Ecosystems (Tweeting by the Pool) Breac: A Digital Journal of Irish Studies (2015)

Acts of Perception: Samuel Beckett, time, space and the Digital Literary Atlas of Ireland, 1922-1949. Exploring Geo-Cultural Space: New Horizons in Digital Humanities ResearchSpecial Edition, International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing 9.2 (October 2015): 219–241