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Food Smart Dublin aims to develop a sustainable concept of knowledge exchange involving academia, businesses, NGOs and the public in an effort to increase sustainable seafood consumption by shifting to food from lower trophic levels that is locally sourced.

Our main objectives are:

  • To identify historical recipes of seafood and assess the potential for revitalisation of this intangible cultural heritage;
  • identify the availability of healthy and sustainable seafood from low trophic levels in the Dublin Bay;
  • assess the potential to support healthy and sustainable eating of seafood by means of cultural and ecological narratives;
  • develop knowledge exchange between academia, businesses, and civil society to communicate healthy and ecologically sustainable living using digital tools and mixed methods;
  • raise awareness amongst our next generation of sustainable seafood and Dublin Bay’s historical and ecological resources with Ireland’s youth organisation ECO-UNESCO
  • assess consumer responses to innovative menus of seafood from lower trophic levels in collaboration with the Niall Sabongi restaurant group in Dublin;
  • contribute to the potential for Dublin to position itself as a food-smart metropolis.