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Paul Montgomery

Dr Paul Montgomery

Research Fellow, Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities, TCD

Dr. Paul Montgomery is a Research Fellow in Archaeology at the ERC Advanced Grant funded ‘NorFish - North Atlantic Fisheries: An Environmental History, 1400-1700’ project based at the School of History and Humanities. His brief is to develop research projects for the archaeology and environmental history of the North Atlantic fisheries and comparative studies of other maritime contexts around the world.

Academic qualifications and background: Dr. Montgomery has thirteen years of experience in the field of maritime archaeology and history. He has worked on a range of archaeological sites and their material culture in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He has a BA (Hon.) in Ancient History and Literature and an MA in Ancient History and Archaeology from Utrecht University (The Netherlands), as well as an MA (Hon.) in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southern Denmark. He completed his PhD in Archaeology from the University of Ulster in 2015. Prior to joining TCD, he worked as an Assistant Professor at Liaocheng University Shandong China and was a founding member of the Arctic Studies Center, Liaocheng University Shandong China.