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TCEH news 2015
  • Dr. Shen Hou from Renmin University, China will deliver Irish Environmental History Network talk "Nature Modernized: An Environmental History of the Yellow River Delta Nature Reserve" Thomas Davis Theatre, Arts Block, 6 pm, 17 Nov. 2015
  • Poul Holm and Charles Travis attended the Annual Meeting of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes, and participate in the Humanities for the Environment networking events (June 5-7)
  • Charles Travis will chair the "Networking the Digital Environmental Humanities" (NDEH) workshop which is attracting scholars from the USA, the UK and South Africa and is sponsored by the Irish Research Council New Foundations Award (June 18th)
  • Booklaunch: "Deep Maps and Spatial Narratives" (David Bodenhamer) and "Abstract Machine: Humanities GIS (Charles Travis) will be launched following the (NDEH) workshop (June 18)
  • Charles Travis will be attending and presenting at the DH 2015 Global Digital Humanities Conference in Sydney, Australia (June 28-July 4)
  • Poul Holm and Charles Travis will meet Directors of the Mellon Observatories in Phoenix, Arizona (May 13-15)
  • The COST Action Oceans Past Platform will meet in Tallinn Estonia in May 2015 as part of the Oceans Past V international conference (May 20-22)
  • Poul Holm and Charlie Travis will visit the University of Pretoria to build networks with South African colleagues regarding the European Observatory of the New Human Condition (April 8-9)
  • The European Observatory of the New Human Condition group will meet in the Danish Academies of Science and Letters in (April 27-28)
  • The 2015 COST Action Oceans Past Platform Synthesis meeting will take place in Trinity Long Room Hub (closed meeting)