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TCEH news 2013
  • Professor Poul Holm interview in Research Professional, by Laura Greenhalgh. The History of Marine Animal Populations HMAP project has been recognized by Science Europe in 2013 as one of >twelve humanities projects of major societal impact.
  • The European Observatory of the New Human Condition has focused its efforts over the past few months on honing research questions and creating digital infrastructure. This observatory concept was launched in a special issue of the journal Environmental Science and Policy in April 2013 with Professor Poul Holm as lead author of one paper and a contributor to the introduction to the volume and another paper.
  • In May 2013, Professor Holm was invited to present the European Observatory at a workshop in Nanjing, China, on environmental humanities for mainly Chinese and Indian scholars.
  • Dr. Charles Travis is now in place as postdoctoral researcher. Thanks to matching funding from Trinity College Dublin, he is appointed full time for two years. Dr. Travis has a background in literary, historical, cultural and environmental geography, geographical information systems (GIS) and brings strong digital humanities skills to the European Observatory and Environmental Humanities initiatives.
  • In June 2013, Dr. Travis presented a paper titled Observatory of the New Human Condition: Proposals and Prospects to a pre-conference workshop “Joint Programing Initiative on Climate” attached to the Future Leaders Conference, in Oslo, Norway.
  • The European Observatory will host three invitation only forums (workshops) to address questions and issues concerning human agency and climate change on individual, institutional, and social levels. The first observatory forum (December 2013) will address “Perceptions of long-term change: individual agency in the face of global environmental change.”