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TCEH M.Phil upcoming events

Upcoming events

All talks will take place online. Attendance is open to all with relevant interests. To register and receive a Zoom link to the seminar, please contact Dr Katja Bruisch (

MPhil research seminar – Autumn 2022

Friday, 23 September 4PM – in person (Arts Building, room 5039) Ricardo Henrique Rao (indigenist-in-exile) “Indigenous Land Rights in Latin America” * This event has been organized in collaboration with the Latin America Solidarity Centre (LASC). LASC is funded by Irish Aid. This seminar does not necessarily represent Irish Aid views and opinions.

Wednesday, 28 September 4PM – online Eglė Rindzevičiūtė (Kingston University London) “Can nuclear cultural heritage be subversive? Insights from the fieldwork in Russian atomic heritage sites”

Wednesday, 19 October 4PM - online Dominik Hünniger (Hamburg University) “Collection Ecologies – a Global Environmental History of the Museum Godeffroy 1861-1885”

Wednesday, 2 November 4PM – online Darya Tsymbalyuk (Oxford University) “More-than-human worlds and Russia's war on Ukraine”

Wednesday, 23 November 4PM – in person (room tbc) TCEH PhD students present their work; - Rhonda McGovern, “Historical climatology and cataloguing the Astronomical Diaries of Ancient Babylonia” - Lily Toomey, “Working peatlands: labour and nature in Ireland's industrial bogs”

Events of the past

6 April, 4PM Bo Poulsen (Aalborg University) “Patterns of coping: the impact of natural disasters in 19th century Denmark”

Thursday, 28 April, 4PM Shen Hou (Renmin University) “The Wealth of the Golden Mountain, the Nature of the Pearl River: How American Chinese Migrants Transformed Their Homeland”

Wednesday, 2 February, 4PM Andrew Watson (University of Saskatchewan) “Fossil Fuels and Industrial Agriculture: Social Metabolism on the High Plains of the United States, 1880-2000”

Wednesday, 23 February, 4PM Clara Dawson (University of Manchester / Trinity Long Room Hub) “Avian Poetics and Material Forms in the Long Nineteenth Century”

Tuesday, 15 March, 5PM “Beyond the classroom: Careers in the environmental humanities and neighbouring fields,” Panel discussion featuring - Elaine Nevin (National Director, ECO-UNESCO Ireland) - Ryan Burg (Principal Business Analyst in Smart Grid Programs , Commonwealth Edison, Northern Illinois) - Sinéad Mercier (Lecturer in Planning, Environmental Law & Policy and UCD Sutherland School of Law PhD Researcher with the ERC-funded project PROPERTY [IN]JUSTICE)

Tuesday, 9 March, 5PM Juliana Adelman (Dublin City University), “More-than-human urban histories”

Tuesday, 23 March, 5PM Shane McCorristine (Newcastle University), “Ghost Species: Spectral Geographies of Biodiversity Conservation”

Tuesday, 6 April, 5PM Mauro Agnoletti (University of Florence / FAO Agricultural Heritage Program – GIAHS),“Nature and culture in sustainable development”

Wednesday, 28 April, 1PM Andrea Gaynor (University of Western Australia), “Environmental history of childhood”

Wednesday, 10 February, 7PM “The Environmental Humanities between Vocation and Profession” – Roundtable discussion featuring;

Ruth Brennan, Independent Scholar; Co-Founder & Co-Lead, Marine Social Sciences Network Ireland; European Parliament Policy Advisor; Visiting Research Fellow at TCEH; Honorary Fellow, Scottish Association for Marine Science

Anne Husum Marboe, Development Manager, The Wadden Sea National Park

Garrett Nelson, Curator of Maps & Director of Geographic Scholarship, Leventhal Map & Education Center, Boston Public Library

Emily Toner, Communications Specialist and Community Manager at ISRIC - World Soil Information in Wageningen, Netherlands

Tuesday, 16 February, 6PM Ryan Jones (University of Oregon), “Stalinist Cetology and the Anthropocene in the Oceans”

Thursday, 8th of October, 4PM Verena Winiwarter (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna): “The insidious legacies of mining”

Tuesday, 20th of October, 6 PM Eleonora Rohland (University of Bielefeld), “Unfamiliar Environments in the Caribbean 1494-96: A Famine, an ‘Indigenous Conspiracy’, and/ or a Climate Anomaly?”

Tuesday, 3rd of November, 7PM John McNeill (Georgetown University, Washington DC) – "Global Environmental History of the Industrial Revolution, ca 1780-1920

Tuesday, 1st of December, 7PM Donald Worster (University of Kansas/ University of Renmin) – “How Nature Determines: Land, Climate, and Reproduction”