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David Stead, University College, Dublin.

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Dr. David Stead is Lecturer in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy at UCD since 2006. His current research projects include 'Irish agriculture during the drought of 1976'.


david.stead AT

University Homepage

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Research Interests

Agricultural, food and environmental economics, policy and history.


Earth, Water.

Selected Publications

Stead, D. R. (2008) Guest editorial: the birth of the CAP, Eurochoices, 7 (2), 6-12.

Stead, D. R. (2007) The Mansholt Plan forty years on, Eurochoices, 6 (3), 40-45.

Stead, D. R. (2006) Delegated risk in English agriculture, 1750-1850: the labour market, Labour History Review, 71 (2), 123-144.

Stead, D. R. (2004) Risk and risk management in English agriculture, c. 1750-1850, Economic History Review, 57 (2), 334-361.

Stead, D. R. (2003) The mobility of English tenant farmers, c. 1700-1850, Agricultural History Review, 51 (2), 173-189.