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Steve Royle, Queen's University, Belfast.


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Steve Royle is Professor of Island Geography at Queen’s University Belfast. After reading geography as an undergraduate at St John’s College Cambridge, Royle took his PhD at Leicester before moving to Ireland in 1976 to take up a lectureship in the then Department of Geography at Queen’s University Belfast. There he has remained, except for taking up visiting positions in Canada and the USA. This interest in islands is Earth surrounded by Water in the language of the elements of the Irish Environmental History Network. Royle has worked extensively on the offshore islands of Ireland but has also travelled to research on islands much further afield such as St Helena and the Falkland Islands. He has a book on the commonalities of the island experience, The Geography of Islands, as well as more focused studies on the early settlement of St Helena under the East India Company in the 17th century, The Company’s Island, and is presently working on a parallel study of the Hudson’s Bay Company on Vancouver Island in the mid-19th century to be called Company, Crown and Colony. In addition, he has published extensively on Belfast, including two fascicles for the Irish Historic Towns Atlas series. Royle is a Chartered Geographer, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a Member of the Royal Irish Academy.


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Research Interests

Geography of small islands (including: Atlantic islands - especially St Helena and the Falkland Islands - islands of Ireland) - Historical geography (including: Company colonies - Hudson's Bay Company and Vancouver Island - Ireland, especially Belfast - Canadian Maritime Provinces).


Earth (surrounded by Water).

Selected Publications

Royle, S.A. (2010, forthcoming) Postcolonial culture on dependent islands, Space and Culture, 13 (2).

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Royle, S.A. (2008) “Mainland” and “entry”  islands: distinctions in island tourism, In: Babu, S., Mishra, S. and Parida, B.B. (eds.), Tourism development revisited: concepts, issues and paradigms. New Delhi: Response Books, 120-31.

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