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Rory Quinn, University of Ulster, Coleraine.


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Rory Quinn is a Senior Lecturer in Marine Geoarchaeology at the University of Ulster with research interests in the application of geological and geophysical techniques to the identification, evolution and reconstruction of submerged archaeological sites and landscapes. He has a BSc in Geology from University College Cork, an MSc in Geophysics from Durham University and a PhD in Marine Geophysics from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. Rory sits on the Steering Group of the Submerged Landscapes Archaeology Network, is a member of the Management Committee for the FP7 COST Action ‘Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology and Landscapes of the Continental Shelf’, an Adjunct Professor and Coracle Research Fellow in Submerged Landscapes with Memorial University (Newfoundland) and sits on the editorial board of the Journal of the North Atlantic.


University Homepage

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Research Interests

Submerged landscapes - sea-level change - site-formation processes - palaeo-landscape reconstruction.



Selected Publications

Quinn, R., Forsythe, W., Breen, C., Boland, D., Lane, P. and Lali Omar, A. (2007) Process-based models for port evolution and wreck site formation at Mombasa, Kenya, Journal of Archaeological Science, 34 (9), 1449-1460.

Quinn, R. (2006) The Role of Scour in Shipwreck Site Formation Processes and the Preservation of Wreck-Associated Scour Signatures in the Sedimentary Record - Evidence from Seabed and Sub-surface Data, The Journal of Archaeological Science, 33 (10), 1419-1432.

Lafferty, B., Quinn, R. and Breen, C. (2006) Subglacial imprints associated with the isolation and decay of an ice mass in the Lower Lough Erne Basin, Co. Fermanagh, Northwestern Ireland, Journal of the Geological Society, 163 (3), 421-430.

Lafferty, B., Quinn, R. and Breen, C. (2006) A side-scan sonar and Chirp study of the natural and anthropogenic sedimentary record of Lower Lough Erne, NW Ireland, The Journal of Archaeological Science, 33, 756-766.

Kelley, J.T., Cooper, J.A.G., Jackson, D.W.T., Belknap, D.F. and Quinn, R. (2006) Sea-level change and inner shelf stratigraphy off Northern Ireland, Marine Geology, 232, 1-15.

Quinn, R., Dean, M., Lawrence, M., Liscoe, S. and Boland, D. (2005) Backscatter responses and resolution considerations in archaeological side-scan sonar surveys: a control experiment, The Journal of Archaeological Science, 32, 1252-1264.

Cooper, J.A.G., Kelley, J.T., Belknap D.F., Quinn, R. and McKenna, J. (2002) Inner shelf seismic stratigraphy off the north coast of Northern Ireland: new data on the depth of the Holocene lowstand, Marine Geology, 185, 1-19.