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Aidan O'Sullivan, University College, Dublin.


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Aidan O’Sullivan is a Senior Lecturer at UCD School of Archaeology. His main interests are early medieval Ireland, AD 400-1100; maritime and wetland archaeology and landscape archaeology, in theory and practice. He was awarded a BA in Archaeology and Early Irish History from UCD in 1988; an MA in Archaeology from UCD in 1991 and a PhD in 2004 on ‘The social and ideological role of crannogs in early medieval Ireland’ from the Department of History, NUI Maynooth. He was formerly a Project Director in the Discovery Programme; is a Principal Investigator of the INSTAR-funded Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP) and leads UCD's Early Medieval and Viking Age Research Group (EMVARG) – the largest group of researchers investigating the landscapes and material culture of early medieval Ireland in Europe. He is a Steering Group member of the Submerged Landscapes Archaeological Network (SLAN). He is the author of six books, including most recently, Rethinking Wetland Archaeology (2006); Maritime Ireland: an archaeology of coastal communities (2007) and EMAP's report, O'Sullivan, A., McCormick, F., Kerr, T. and Harney. L., Early Medieval Ireland: Archaeological Excavations 1930-2005, will be published as a monograph by the Royal Irish Academy in 2010.


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Research Interests

Archaeology - wetlands - coastal - maritime - medieval - early medieval Ireland - vikings - Dublin - landscape - social Identity - perception - environment.


Earth, Water.

Selected Publications

O'Sullivan, A., McCormick, F., Kerr, T. and Harney, L. (2010) Early Medieval Ireland: Archaeological Excavations 1930-2004. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy.

O'Sullivan, A. (2008) Early medieval houses in Ireland: Social identity and dwelling spaces, Peritia, 20, 225-256.

O'Sullivan, A. (2007) Exploring past people's interaction with wetland environments in Ireland, Proceedings of Royal Irish Academy, 107C, 147-203.

O'Sullivan, A., Sands, R. and Kelly, E.P. (2007) Coolure Demesne crannog, Lough Derravaragh; a crannog and its landscapes. Bray: Wordwell.

O'Sullivan, A. and Breen, C. (2007) Maritime Ireland: an Archaeology of Coastal Communities. Stroud: Tempus.

Van de Noort, R. and O'Sullivan, A. (2006) Rethinking Wetland Archaeology. London and New York: Duckworth Books.

O'Sullivan, A. (2005) Medieval fishtraps on the Shannon estuary, Ireland: Interpreting people, place and identity amongst wetland communities, Journal of Wetland Archaeology, 35 (3), 65-77.

O'Sullivan, A. (2003) Place, memory and identity among estuarine fishing communities: interpreting archaeology of early medieval fish weirs, World Archaeology, 35 (3), :449-468.

O'Sullivan, A. (2001) Foragers, farmers and fishers in a coastal landscape: An intertidal archaeological survey of the Shannon estuary. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy.

O'Sullivan, A. (1998) The archaeology of lake settlement in Ireland. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy.