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Peter Lynch, University College, Dublin.

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Peter is currently Professor of Meteorology and Director of the Meteorology & Climate Centre at University College Dublin and formerly Deputy Director of Met Éireann. His main scientific interests are dynamic meteorology, numerical weather prediction, climate modelling and Hamiltonian mechanics.


Peter dot Lynch at ucd dot ie

University Homepage

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Research Interests

Dynamic meteorology - numerical weather prediction (NWP) - climate modelling - Hamiltonian mechanics - history of NWP.



Selected Publications

Lynch, P. and Bustamante, M. S. (2009) Precession and Recession of the Rock'n'roller, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 42, 425203.

Lynch, P. (2009) On Resonant Rossby-Haurwitz triads, Tellus, 61A, 438-445.

Verkley, W. and Lynch, P. (2009) Energy and enstrophy spectra of geostrophic turbulent flows derived from a maximum entropy principle, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 66, 2216-2236.

Caballero, R. and Lynch, P. (2009) Climate modelling and deep-time climate change, In: Hodkinson, T., Jones, M., Parnell, J. and Waldren, S. (eds.), Climate Change, Ecology and Systematics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Lynch, P. and De Moor, G. (2008) Les origines de la prévision numérique du temps et de la modélisation climatique, La Météorologie, 63, 14-24.

Wang, S., McGrath, R., Hanafin, J., Lynch, P., Semmler, T. and Nolan, P. (2008) The impact of climate change on storm surges over Irish waters, Ocean Modelling, 25, 83-94.

McGrath, R. and Lynch, P. (eds.) (2008) Ireland in a Warmer World: Scientific Predictions of the Irish Climate in the Twenty-First Century. Report of the C4I Project. Dublin: Met Éireann.

Steele-Dunne, S., Lynch, P., McGrath, R., Semmler, T., Wang, S., Hanafin, J. and Nolan, P. (2008) The impacts of climate change on hydrology in Ireland, Journal of Hydrology, 356, 28-45.