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Helen Lewis, University College Dublin.

Dr. Helen Lewis photograph


I am currently working on several projects focused on understanding ancient occupation of cave sites and landscape history in Southeast Asia, including the Palawan Island Prehistory Project (Philippines) and Middle Mekong Archaeology Project (Lao PDR). As well as archaeological investigations, these projects include a focus on environmental archaeological and palaeoenvironmental approaches aimed at understanding how people lived in, adapted to and altered their changing environments over the Late Pleistocene through the Holocene, both at a landscape and regional level. I am also involved in research looking at the idea of the river as landscape, both here in Ireland (Boyne Valley Landscape Project), in Southeast Asia through the projects mentioned above, and in Japan (Shinano River Valley). I am also carrying out ongoing archaeological soil micromorphological research at sites in Malaysian Borneo, the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as facilitating research on animal bone assemblages from Irish cave sites.


University Homepage

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Collaborative Interests

Palaeoenvironments (Holocene/Late Pleistocene) - cave studies - landscape reconstruction - environmental archaeology.

Research Interests

Geoarchaeology - soil micromorphology - cave - landscape - palaeoenvironment - environmental archaeology.


Earth, Fire.

Selected Publications

Piper, P.J., Ochoa, J., Lewis, H. and Paz, V. (2011) The palaeozoology of Palawan Island, Philippines, Quaternary International, 233, 142-158.

Beresford-Jones, D., Lewis, H. and Boreham, S. (2009) Linking cultural and environmental change in Peruvian prehistory: geomorphological survey of the Samaca Basin, Lower Ica Valley, Peru, Catena, 78 (3), 234-249.

Mijares, A.S.B. and Lewis, H.A. (2009) Cave sites in northeastern Luzon, Philippines: new insights from soil micromorphology, Asian Perspectives, 48 (1), 98-118.

Lewis, H., Johnson, K. and Ronquillo, W. (2008) Moisture increase at the Last Glacial Maximum: preliminary results of speleothem dating from Tabon Cave, Palawan, Philippines, Hukay, 12, 35-50.

Lewis, H., Paz, V., Lara, M., Barton, H., Piper, P., Ochoa, J., Vitales, T., Carlos, A.J., Neri, L., Hernandez, V., Stevenson, J., Robles, E.C., Padilla, R., Ragragio, A., Solheim II, W. and Ronquillo, W. (2008) Dating and interpreting terminal Pleistocene to mid Holocene cave occupation and an early cremation burial from Palawan, Philippines, Antiquity, 82, 318-335.

Piper, P. J., Ochoa, J., Lewis, H., Paz, V. and Ronquillo, W. (2008) The first evidence for the past presence of tiger Panthera tigris (L.) on the island of Palawan, Philippines: extinction in an island population, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 264, 123-127.

Barker, G., Barton, H., Bird, M., Daly, P., Datan, I., Dykes, A., Farr, L., Gilbertson, D., Harrisson, B., Hunt, C., Higham, T., Kealhofer, L., Krigbaum, J., Lewis, H., McLaren, S., Paz, V., Pike, A., Piper, P., Pyatt, B., Rabett, R., Reynolds, T., Rose, J., Rushworth, G., Stephens, M., Stringer, C., Thompson, J. and Turney, C. (2007) The 'human revolution' in lowland tropical Southeast Asia: the antiquity and behavior of anatomically modern humans at Niah Cave (Sarawak, Borneo), Journal of Human Evolution, 52 (3), 243-261.

Bird, M.I., Boobyer, E.M., Bryant, C., Lewis, H.A., Paz, V. and Stephens, W.E. (2007) A long record of environmental change from bat guano deposits in Makangit Cave, Palawan, Philippines. 2007, Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 98, 59-69.

French, C., Lewis, H., Allen, M., Green, M, Scaife, R. and Gardiner, J. (2007) Prehistoric landscape development and human impact in the upper Allen valley, Cranborne Chase, Dorset. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Lewis, H. (2007) Pile dwellings, drainage and deposition: preliminary soil micromorphology study of cultural deposits from underwater sites at Lake Luokesas, Moletai Region, Lithuania, Journal of Wetland Archaeology, 7, 33-50.

Lewis, H. (2007) Preliminary soil micromorphology studies of landscape and occupation history at Tabon Cave, Palawan, Philippines, Geoarchaeology, 22, 685-708.

French, C., Lewis, H., Scaife, R. and Allen, M. (2005) New perspectives on Holocene landscape development in the southern English chalklands: the upper Allen Valley, Cranborne Chase, Dorset, Geoarchaeology, 20 (2), 93-134.