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IEHN member, Poul Holm

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Poul Holm, Trinity College, Dublin.


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Poul Holm is Professor of Environmental History at Trinity College Dublin and Academic Director of the Trinity Long Room Hub, a research institute for the arts and humanities. He is former President of the European Society for Environmental History. In 2009 Poul was invited keynote lecturer for the First World Congress of Environmental History and for the International Congress of Maritime Museums. He is currently chair of the global History of Marine Animal Populations project, HMAP, which is a 10-year project aiming to understand human impacts on ocean ecology. Poul is the author of nine books and more than 100 research papers, including the recent co-edited book Oceans Past: Management Insights from the History of Marine Animal Populations (Earthscan, London, 2007) and lead author of the METRIS report (Monitoring Emerging Research Trends in Social Sciences and the Humanities) for the EU General Directorate for Research (2009). His doctoral thesis examined the impact of war on everyday life in Norway, Sweden and Denmark between 1550 and 1914. He has published on fisheries history and marine environmental history; coastal communities and culture; and the Viking settlements in Ireland.


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Research Interests

Marine and coastal environmental history - North Sea - Scandinavia - Early medieval (Viking) Scandinavia and Ireland.

Collaborative Interests

Maritime history - marine and coastal environmental history.



Selected Publications

Holm, P., Guilhot, N., Dumitrescu, D., Griffin, G., Jarrick, A., Rév, I., Roll, G., Smilov, D., Sztompka, P., Thys-Clement, F., Tsakloglou, P., Van Langenhove, L. and Wolf, G., (2009) Emerging Trends in Research in Social Sciences and Humanities. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, European Commission.

Poulsen, R. T., Cooper, A. B., Holm, P., and MacKenzie, B. R. (2007) Beware the misapplication of results: Response to Cardinale and Sveddng, Fisheries Research, 89 (3), 307 - 308.

Starkey, D. J., Holm, P., & Barnard, M (2007) Oceans Past: Management insights from the history of marine animal populations. London: Earthscan Research Editions.

Poulsen, B., Holm, P., and MacKenzie, B. R. (2007) A long-term (1667–1860) perspective on impacts of fishing and environmental variability on fisheries for herring, eel, and whitefish in the Limfjord, Denmark, Fisheries Research, 87 (2-3), 181-195.

Poulsen, R. T., Cooper, A. B., Holm, P., and MacKenzie, B. R. (2007) An abundance estimate of ling (Molva molva) and cod (Gadus morhua) in the Skagerrak and the northeastern North Sea, 1872, Fisheries Research, 87, (2-3), 197 - 207.

Beaumont, N., Austen, M., Atkins, J., Burdon, D., Degraer, S., Dentinho, T., Derous, S., Holm, P., Horton, T., Ierland, E. V., Marboe, A. H., Starkey, D. J., Townsend, M., and Zarcyski, T. (2007) Identification, definition and quantification of goods and services provided by marine biodiversity: Implications for the ecosystem approach, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 54 (3), 253-265.

MacKenzie, B. R., Bager, M., Ojaveer, H., Awebro, K., Heino, U., Holm, P. and Must, A. (2007) Multi-decadal scale variability in the eastern Baltic cod fishery 1550–1860—Evidence and causes, Fisheries Research, 87 (2-3), 106-109.

Poulsen, R. T., and Holm, P (2007) What can fisheries historians learn from marine science?: The concept of catch per unit effort (CPUE), International Journal of Maritime History, 19 (2), 89-112.

Holm, P., (2005) Human impacts on fisheries resources and abundance in the Danish Wadden Sea, c1520 to the present, Helgoland Marine Research, 59 (1), 39 - 44.

Holm, P. (2005) History of marine animal populations, In: Miloslavich, P. and Klein, E., (eds.) Caribbean Marine Biodiversity: The Known and The Unknown. Lancaster, Pennsylvania: DEStech Publications, 249-252.

Lotze, H. K., Reise, K., Worm, B., van Beusekom, J., Busch, M., Ehlers, A., Heinrich, D., Hoffmann, R. C., Holm, P., Jensen, C., Knottnerus, O. S., Langhanki, N., Prummel, W., Vollmer, M., Wolff, W. J. (2005) Human transformations of the Wadden Sea ecosystem through time: A synthesis, Helgoland Marine Research, 59 (1), 84-95.

Holm, P. and MacKenzie, B. R. (2004) Environmental history and historical fish populations in the Baltic, In: Eliasson, P. (ed.), Environmental History and Historical Fish Populations in the Baltic. Malmö, 39-44.

Holm, P . ( 2004 ) Fishing, In: Krech, S . , McNeill, J . R . , Merchant, C . ( eds . ), Encyclopedia of World Environmental History. London: Routledge, 529-535.