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Naomi Holmes

Naomi Holmes photo


Naomi graduated from the University of Exeter with a BSc. Biology and Geography degree in 2002. She then undertook a NERC funded PhD (Evaluating the use of subfossil chironomids for the reconstruction of Holocene climate in N and NW Iceland), also at the University of Exeter, and was awarded this in 2006. Following two postdoctoral research positions at the University of Exeter, Naomi worked at University College Dublin (January 2009 June 2010) as a postdoc on an IRCHSS funded project (Climate change and the adoption of agriculture in Ireland) alongside Dr Graeme Warren and Dr Steve Davis. The aim of this research project was to provide palaeoclimatic information from lake sediments in north Mayo which will complement previous and existing UCD School of Archaeology excavations and research in this area of Ireland.


Research Interests

Palaeoecology, specifically subfossil chironomid analysis - past climate change in the north Atlantic area (specifically Iceland and Ireland) - past climatic and environmental change and human activity - past environmental change - past lake environments/ecosystems - quantitative reconstructions of past climate - modern limnology.


Earth, Air, Water.

Selected Publications

Langdon, P.G., Leng, M., Holmes, N. and Caseldine, C.J. (2010) Lacustrine evidence of early Holocene environmental change in Northern Iceland: a multiproxy palaeoecology and stable isotope study, The Holocene, 20, 205-214.

Holmes, N., Langdon, P.G. and Caseldine, C.J. (2009) Subfossil chironomid variability in surface samples from Icelandic lakes: implications for the production and use of training sets, Journal of Paleolimnology, 42, 281-295.

Langdon, P.G., Holmes, N. and Caseldine, C.J. (2008) Environmental controls on modern chironomid faunas from NW and W Iceland: implications for reconstructing climate change, Journal of Paleolimnology, 40, 273-293.

Holmes, N. (2008) Validation of chironomid-inferred temperature reconstructions in Iceland: the potential for reconstructing quantitative changes in Holocene climate, Geographica Helvetica, Special issue: Physical Geography and Environmental Chang, 63, 4-14.

Caseldine, C.J., Langdon, P.G. and Holmes, N. (2006) Quantitative estimates of the extent and timing of the Holocene Thermal Maximum in Iceland, Quaternary Science Reviews, 25, 2314-2331.