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Kieran Hickey, University College Cork


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From Cahir, Co. Tipperary, a town dominated by a castle, abbey, the River Suir and the Galty Mountains, it was impossible to grow up without an interest in all things geographical and to know and understand the environment of the town and its hinterland from a physical and human perspective. One of the best ways to know your own place is to explore other places and come back to it with a fresh perspective and gain new insights. As a result I have studied and worked in Armagh, Cork, Coventry, Kilkenny, Maynooth, Oxford and Scotland. I have been fortunate to have travelled to many European countries including Iceland, Slovenia and Turkey as well as Egypt, Dubai, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, the USA and Canada. My main research focus falls under the heading of historical and current climate change and global warming. Particular foci have been on patterns of storminess, historical and contemporary climate change in Ireland and elsewhere, coastal vulnerability to climate and sea-level rise in Ireland and elsewhere and the natural and cultural history of wolves in Ireland.


University Homepage

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Research Interests

Climate history of Ireland - climate change - global warming - storms - natural disasters and impacts - natural history of Ireland - wolves - role of humans - coastal environmental change.


Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

Selected Publications

Hickey K.R. (2009) A review of the 2008 Hurricane, Tropical Cyclone and Typhoon Season, International Journal of Meteorology, 34 (341), 233-236.

Hickey K.R. (2009) Where have all the wolves gone? In: Fenwick, J. (ed.), Lost and Found II: Discovering Ireland's Past. Dublin: Wordwell, 29-40.

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Dawson A.G, Hickey K.R., Mayewski P. and Nesje A. (2007) Greenland (GISP2) ice core and historical indicators of complex North Atlantic climate changes during the fourteenth century, The Holocene, 17 (4), 425-432.

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Hickey K.R. (2003) The Storminess Record from Armagh Observatory 1796-1999, Weather, 58 (1), 28-35.

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Hickey K.R. (2000) A Geographical Perspective on the Decline and Extermination of the Irish wolf Canis lupus – An Initial Assessment, Irish Geography, 33 (2), 134-147.

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Tyrrell J.G. and Hickey K.R. (1992) A Flood Chronology for Cork City and its Climatological Background, Irish Geography, 24 (2), 81-90.