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Valerie Hall, Queen's University, Belfast.

Valerie Hall Photo


Valerie Hall held the titles of Parnell Fellow, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, and Professor of Palaeoecology, School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Queen's University, Belfast.

Her research interests included the investigation of past environmental change in Ireland through interdisciplinary palaeoecological investigations, Holocene tephrochronology and tephrochronology of the Greenlandic Ice cores. Valerie sadly passed away in 2016.

Research Interests

Past Irish environmental change - interdisciplinary palaeoecological methods - Holocene tephrochronology - tephrochronology of the Greenlandic Ice cores.


Earth, Fire.

Selected Publications

Hall, V.A. (2011) The making of Ireland's landscape since the Ice Age. Cork: The Collins Press.

Plunkett, G., Whitehouse, N., Hall, V.A., Charman, D., Blaauw, M., Kelly, E. and Mulhall, I. (2009) A multi-proxy palaeoenvironmental investigation of the findspot of an Iron Age bog body from Old Croghan, Co. Offaly, Ireland, Journal of Archaeological Science, 36, 265-277.

V.A. Hall and D. Mauquoy (2005) Tephra-dated climate and human impact studies during the last 1500 years from a raised bog in central Ireland, The Holocene, 15, 1086-1093.

Hall, V.A. (2005) The vegetation history of monastic and secular sites in the midlands of Ireland over the last two millennia, Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 15, 1-12.

Plunkett, G., Pilcher, J.R., McCormac, F.G. and Hall, V.A. (2004) New dates for first millennium BC tephra isochrones in Ireland, The Holocene, 14, 780-786.

Plunkett, G.M., Whitehouse, N.J., Hall, V.A., Brown, D.M. and Baillie, M.G.L. (2004) A precisely-dated lake-level rise marked by diatomite formation in northeastern Ireland, Journal of Quaternary Science, 19, 3-7.

Wastegaard, S., Hall, V.A., Hannon, G.E., van den Bogaard, C., Pilcher, J.R., Sigurgeirsson, M.A. and Hermanns-Audardottir, M. (2003) Rhyolitic tephra horizons in northwestern Europe and Iceland from AD 700s-800s: a potential alternative for dating first human impact, The Holocene, 13, 277-283.

Hall, V.A. (2003) Vegetation history of mid- to western Ireland in the 2nd millennium A.D.; fresh evidence from tephra-dated palynological investigations, Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 12, 7-17.

Hall, V.A. (2003) Assessing the impact of Icelandic volcanism on vegetation systems in the north of Ireland in the fifth and sixth millennia BC, The Holocene, 13, 131-138.

Hall, V.A. and Pilcher, J.R. (2002) Late-Quaternary Icelandic tephras in Ireland and Great Britain: detection, characterization and usefulness, The Holocene, 12, 223-230.

Pilcher, J.R. and Hall, V.A. (2001) Flora Hibernica. Cork: The Collins Press.