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David Drew, Trinity College, Dublin


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David Drew (b. 1943) obtained his B. A. from Nottingham University in 1964 and his Ph.D. form Bristol University in 1967. He was Assistant/Associate Professor of Geography in the University of Saskatchewan, 1968-71, Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography (1971-) and Head of Department (2000-2001) in Trinity College, Dublin. David lectures in surface and groundwater hydrology, soils and karst geomorphology. He has research interests in karstic hydrogeology and geomorphology, in particular the hydrogeology of the lowland limestones of Ireland and the use of water tracing to determine groundwater catchments and flow systems in karst aquifers. He is also interested in the environmental archaeology of karst areas. David is Co-Chairman of the Karst Commission of the International Association of Hydrogeologists. He is the Irish technical representative/author to the COST-65 E.U. Programme (protection of karstic aquifers). He is also the Irish representative on Human Impact on Karsts Commission of the International Geographical Union, and has supervised research students on karstic topics, e.g. hydrology of turloughs, karst of Co. Roscommon, karst hydrogeology of Westmeath-Meath lakes, and field boundaries of the Burren.


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Research Interests

Karstic hydrogeology - geomorphology - hydrogeology of lowland limestones of Ireland - water tracing to determine groundwater catchments and flow systems in karst aquifers - environmental archaeology of karst areas.


Earth, Water.

Selected Publications

Drew, D. (2008) Lowland karst hydrogeology in Ireland, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 41, 61-72.

Drew, D. (2007) A database of caves in Ireland, Irish Geography, 40 (1), 159-168.

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Lundberg, J. and Drew, D. (2006) A note on the antiquity of Aillwee cave calcite deposits, Burren district, Ireland, Caves and Karst, 33, 9-10.

Drew, D. and Dunne, S. (2004) Vulnerability mapping for the protection of karst aquifers. Bristol: Environment Agency England and Wales R & D Technical report W6-032.

Daly, D. and Drew D. (2003) Intrinsic vulnerability mapping for he protection of karstic aquifers; a pan-European approach, In: Beck, B. (ed.), Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental impacts of Karst. Reston, Virginia: American Society of Civil Engineers, 477-84.

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Drew, D. and Burke, M. (1996) The disappearance of Lough Funshinagh, Co. Roscommon, September 1996, Geological Survey of Ireland Groundwater Newsletter, 30, 9.

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Drew D. (1996) Lisdoonvarna springs and spa wells, County Clare, Ireland, Environmental Geology, 27 (2), 97-98.