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Arlene Crampsie, University College Dublin


I completed my PhD entitled 'Governmentality and Locality: An Historical Geography of Rural District Councils inIreland, 1898 - 1925'at the Dept of Geography, TCD, in 2008. Thereafter, I was employed as Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the GAA Oral History Project at Boston College-Ireland, and now lecture in the School of Geography, University College Dublin. My main research interests lie in the field of historical geography, in particular the role of local government in theimprovement of public health and sanitationin Ireland. I have recently begun to expand my work further into the field of Medical/ Health Geographies in collaboration with a medical researcher (Dr Susan Byrne, TCD) examining the possible geographical factors behind sporadic instances of Motor Neurons Disease in Ireland. I am also interested in the role of the GAA in the appropriation and remoulding of existing physical, social and political landscapes; the role played by the GAA in the lives of Irish emigrants and it's link to a heightened sense of local and national identity.


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Research Interests

Historical Geography - Medical Geography - Health Geography - Public Health - Sanitation - Infectious Diseases - Social Housing - Motor Neurons Disease - Sports Geography - GAA.


Earth, Air, Water.

Selected Publications

Ludlow, F. and Crampsie, A. (In Press) Environmental history of Ireland, 1550-1730, In: Ohlmeyer, J. (ed.), Cambridge History of Ireland: Volume 2, Early Modern Ireland, 1550-1730. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Crampsia, A. (2016) Level playing field still elusive in football and hurling, Irish Times, 2nd September 2016. Available online. See also animated maps.

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Crampsie, A. (2016) Playing identity politics: the Gaelic Athletic Association in modern Ireland In: Koch, N (eds).Critical Geographies of Sport. London: Routledge.

Crampsie, A. (2016) A political harvest? Farmers and nationalism in early twentieth century Ireland, In: Teagasc (eds.), Farming and Country Life 1916. Carlow: Teagasc.

Rooney, J., Tobin, K., Crampsie, A., Vajda, A., Heverin, M., McLaughlin, R., Staines, A., Hardiman, O. (2015) Social deprivation and population density are not associated with small area risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,Environmental Research, 142, 141-147.

Rooney, J.; Vajda, A.; Heverin, M.; Elamin, M.; Crampsie, A.; McLaughlin, R.; Staines, A.; Hardiman, O. (2015) Spatial cluster analysis of population amyotrophic lateral sclerosis risk in Ireland, Neurology, 84, 1537-1544.

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Crampsie, A. (2014) Creating Citizens from Colonial Subjects: Reforming Local Government in Early Twentieth Century Ireland, Historical Geography, 42, 208-228.

Crampsie, A. (2014) "'For the love of the jersey': An Oral History of the GAA in Mayo, 1884 - 2011", In: Moran, G. and O Muraile, N. (eds.), Mayo History & Society: Interdisciplinary Essays on the History of an Irish County. Dublin: Geography Publications.

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Crampsie, A. (2013) A Decade of Change: Donegal and Ireland 1912-1923, Document Study Pack. Lifford: Donegal County Council.

Cronin, M., Duncan, M., Rouse, P., Crampsie, A., Fitzpatrick, R., and Shorten B (2009) The GAA: County By County. Cork: The Collins Press.

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Crampsie, A. (2005) Local Manifestation of National Conflict: the role of turf and gaming in landlord-tenant conflict in late nineteenth century Ireland, Atlas, 10, 75 – 82.

Crampise, A. (2004) Impacts of the Workhouse Network and Poor Relief: a Donegal Case Study, Geographical Viewpoint, 32, 42–50.

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