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Mike Baillie, Queen's University, Belfast.


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I am currently Emeritus Professor of Palaeoecology, in the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Queen's University, Belfast. My original degree was in Physics before moving to Palaeoecology where I completed a doctorate entitled A dendrochronological study in Ireland with reference to the dating of medieval and post-medieval timbers. I was one of the team (with Jon Pilcher, Jennifer Hillam, David Brown and Gordon Pearson) responsible for the construction of Ireland's long oak dendrochronology and the calibration of the radiocarbon timescale. My interest in high resolution chronology prompted an interest in catastrophic environmental events that showed up in tree-ring chronologies. I was one of the first to recognise the existence of global environmental downturns as shown by synchronous growth reductions in tree-ring chronologies around the world (Baillie, 1994). As a result of these observations I have spent many years attempting to reconstruct the effects of volcanic eruptions and extraterrestrial impacts. I am recognised internationally as an expert in tree-ring studies and chronology and was elected to the Royal Irish Academy in 1990.


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Research Interests

Dendrochronology - high resolution chronology in recent millennia - abrupt environmental downturns in recent millennia - environmental effects of explosive volcanism - frequency and environmental effects of extraterrestrial impacts in recent millennia - mythology as a source of information on extreme events - linking tree-ring and ice-core chronologies.


Earth, Air, Fire.

Selected Publications

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