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New schedule of events will be published here soon!

Events of the past

All talks will take place online. Attendance is open to all with relevant interests. To register and receive a Zoom link to the seminar, please contact Dr Katja Bruisch (

MPhil research seminar – Spring 2021

Tuesday, 23 March, 5PM Shane McCorristine (Newcastle University), “Ghost Species: Spectral Geographies of Biodiversity Conservation”

Tuesday, 6 April, 5PM Mauro Agnoletti (University of Florence / FAO Agricultural Heritage Program – GIAHS),“Nature and culture in sustainable development”

Wednesday, 28 April, 1PM Andrea Gaynor (University of Western Australia), “Environmental history of childhood”

Tuesday, 9 March, 5PM Juliana Adelman (Dublin City University), “More-than-human urban histories”

Wednesday, 10 February, 7PM “The Environmental Humanities between Vocation and Profession” – Roundtable discussion featuring;

  • • Ruth Brennan, Independent Scholar; Co-Founder & Co-Lead, Marine Social Sciences Network Ireland; European Parliament Policy Advisor; Visiting Research Fellow at TCEH; Honorary Fellow, Scottish Association for Marine Science
  • • Anne Husum Marboe, Development Manager, The Wadden Sea National Park
  • • Garrett Nelson, Curator of Maps & Director of Geographic Scholarship, Leventhal Map & Education Center, Boston Public Library
  • • Emily Toner, Communications Specialist and Community Manager at ISRIC - World Soil Information in Wageningen, Netherlands
  • Tuesday, 16 February, 6PM Ryan Jones (University of Oregon), “Stalinist Cetology and the Anthropocene in the Oceans”

    Thursday, 8th of October, 4PM Verena Winiwarter (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna): “The insidious legacies of mining”

    Tuesday, 20th of October, 6 PM Eleonora Rohland (University of Bielefeld), “Unfamiliar Environments in the Caribbean 1494-96: A Famine, an ‘Indigenous Conspiracy’, and/ or a Climate Anomaly?”

    Tuesday, 3rd of November, 7PM John McNeill (Georgetown University, Washington DC) – "Global Environmental History of the Industrial Revolution, ca 1780-1920

    Tuesday, 1st of December, 7PM Donald Worster (University of Kansas/ University of Renmin) – “How Nature Determines: Land, Climate, and Reproduction”

    4 May 2017 Prof Poul Holm will present findings of the Norfish project at the early modern social and economic history seminar, Cambridge University, UK.

    5 May 2017 Dr Katja Bruisch will give a presentation at the University of Santiago de Compostela's Agricultural History Group.

    9-13 May 2017 Dr. Francis Ludlow will co-convene at a session at PAGES 5th Open Science Meeting (OSM), Zaragoza, Spain. Session entitled: "Volcanic eruptions: the thread connecting climate records, societal change and future climate projections?"

    5-7 June 2017 Dr Francis Ludlow will give a presentation entitled "Consilience of Human and Natural Archives to Advance Understanding of how Climate Change Impacted Past Societies" as part of 'Scientific Approaches to the Study of the Past: A Three Day Summer School', University of Kent, U.K.

    6-9 June 2017 Prof. Poul Holm will be attending the Sea, Land, and Spirit conference in Dingle.

    12-15 June 2017 Prof. Poul Holm will be presenting a keynote speech centred on the theme of Palaeoecology at the 3rd ESSAS Open Science Meeting in Tromso, Norway. More details here.

    22nd June 2017 Dr. Yi-peng (Yvonne) Lai of the National Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan) will present a lecture on her doctoral research on "Ulysses Green-appraised: Environmental Politics and Joyce" in Trinity Long Room Hub, Neill Theatre at 6pm.

    28-30 June 2017 Prof. Poul Holm will participate in a roundtable discussion entitled "Environmental History and the Coastal Edge" at the European Society for Environmental History Biennial Conference 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia.

    28 June - 1st July 2017 Dr Katja Bruisch will participate on a panel discussion centred on "Wetlands in Northern and Eastern Europe" at the European Society for Environmental History Biennial Conference 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia.

    3-6 July 2017 Dr Francis Ludlow will give a presentation entitled "Violence and Conflict as a Consequence of Abrupt Climatic Changes and Extreme Weather in Medieval Ireland" as an invited presentation in the session "Medievalists and the Climate Sciences, Part 2: Exploring the Human Consequences of Climate" as part of the 23rd International Medieval Congress, Leeds, England.