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We will be one Trinity community.Goal 8

The university community in Trinity is driven by shared convictions and ambitions, a strong sense of belonging and an ethos of collegiality. It functions as a complex web of relationships, not only embracing academic staff, professional staff and students, but also reaching outwards to our global network of 140,000 alumni worldwide, our partners in industry, in other universities around Ireland and the world, and our generous benefactors. Community in this sense also means recognising that the campus embraces not only the main city-centre campus, but includes colleagues working in St. James’s Hospital, and in Tallaght University Hospital, as well as in offices and associated programmes stretching from Belfast to Columbia University to Singapore Institute of Technology. As with any complex set of relationships, there is the daily challenge of keeping everyone informed and involved. More fundamentally, there is the need to renew constantly the recognition that all members of the community together contribute towards achieving the work of the university. We can do this by finding new ways to make our means of working fairer for all. This includes a fundamental commitment to promote equality and inclusivity in all that we do. We will be more transparent, more agile, and more effective, and we will make our decision-making processes simpler. However, and perhaps most importantly, it means affirming that we put people – students, academic staff, professional staff, alumni, friends – at the core of what we do in a community founded on mutual respect and sharing a common purpose.

  • C O R E 8.1
    Develop communication channels that will enable connection and contribution by all members of our community, in recognition of the need and desire of all staff to be involved in the university community. [PAC; HR]
  • C O R E 8.2
    Make equality, diversity and inclusion a cornerstone of our ethos and practice across all aspects of College life by instituting a robust EDI strategy and action plan. [D&I]
  • C O R E 8.3
    Ensure that at least 40% of Chair Professors will be female in Trinity by 2025. [AS]
  • O 8.4
    Create a new internal College intranet and continue to develop our internal communications. [PAC]
  • O 8.5
    Recognise and reward staff achievement in fair and transparent processes. [HR]
  • C O 8.6
    Invest in the development of staff at all levels in the university with programmes such as Career Frameworks and Leadership Development. [HR]
  • C O 8.7
    Encourage the physical, mental and social health of the whole College community through implementation of the Healthy Trinity initiative. [HT]
  • C O 8.8
    Strengthen connections to our alumni community, building our alumni network worldwide and engaging our alumni to achieve 150,000 volunteer hours by 2025 as part of our Inspiring Generations Campaign. [TDA; GRS3; PC]
  • O 8.9
    Ensure that our decision-making is transparent, flexible and effective. [PO; SO]
  • O 8.10
    Explore ways of making Heads of School more fully integrated into the university’s decision-making processes. [VPO; SO]
  • O R E 8.11
    Re-evaluate our approach to postdoctoral researchers in the campus community and work to integrate them more fully into the life of the campus. [LRES]
  • O 8.12
    Create opportunities for all categories of staff to enrol in available modules across the university for continuous professional development and micro-credentialing. [HR; DTS; VPO]
  • O 8.13
    Continue to strengthen our data and information tools to enable collaboration and strategic decision-making, especially in the area of diversity and inclusion data. [DTS]
  • C O 8.14
    Establish a Working Group on Family Leaves and Flexible Working and monitor the take-up of maternity, paternity and parental leave. [AS]
  • C O 8.15
    Implement fully the Core Meeting Hours Policy. [AS]
  • C R E 8.16
    Further improve the status of the Irish language in College life through services, training and events in the spirit of the Official Languages Act (2003). [SO]
  • O 8.17
    Implement a new CRM (Customer Relations Management) system by 2022, allowing us to work more effectively with those from beyond the College community. [DTS]
  • C O R E 8.18
    Embed and foster a culture of philanthropy within Trinity and lay foundations for future philanthropic campaigns. [TDA]