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We will develop and inhabit our space responsibly.Goal 7

Trinity has one of the world’s most beautiful campuses. We inhabit an historic, residential campus, located in the heart of a vibrant and fast- changing city. This unique space is an intrinsic part of Trinity’s distinctive quality that creates a unique student experience and draws more than a million visitors annually. This comes with a responsibility to look after it, maximise its potential in a sustainable manner, develop the relationship with our neighbours and integrate it more into the fabric of the city. Working and living within the bounds of a city-centre campus means understanding our space better and reshaping it so that we can use it more efficiently. As stewards of some remarkable historic buildings, we will begin work to conserve our landmark Old Library, as well as restoring the oldest building on campus, the Rubrics, which dates from the 1690s. At the same time, we are building for the future. The next five-year period will commence with the opening of substantial new student accommodation at Printing House Square. With the support of our donors, we will build an innovative new teaching space, the Martin Naughton E3 Learning Foundry, and begin work both on a new Law School and on the Trinity St. James’s Cancer Institute at our partner St. James’s Hospital’s site. The next five years will also be the period in which we will lay the groundwork for our second campus, Trinity @ Grand Canal Quay, a transformational development project for Ireland’s future.

  • C O R 7.1
    Launch, by 2022, the masterplan for Trinity @ Grand Canal Quay, part of the Grand Canal Innovation District initiative, providing infrastructure for new research linking Engineering, Environment and Emerging Technologies. [E3; T@GCQ]
  • O R E 7.2
    Complete work on a new generation teaching space enabled by philanthropy, the Martin Naughton E3 Learning Foundry, in 2023, providing a home for the E3 project, uniting the Schools of Computer Science and Statistics, Engineering, and Natural Sciences. This building will achieve Well Building standards and BREEAM excellence. [E3; ES]
  • O E 7.3
    Develop plans for a new Law School with new and enhanced learning and research facilities. [LSDP]
  • O R E 7.4
    Complete architectural plans for and begin the conservation and redevelopment of the Old Library, including a new Research Collections Study Centre and new Exhibition Visitor Centre. [ES; LS]
  • O R E 7.5
    Develop plans for the new collaborative off-site Collections Resource Centre, thereby improving the environment for our collections and enabling the re-imagination/re-configuration of our contemporary library spaces. [ES; LS]
  • O 7.6
    Refurbish, by early 2023, the campus’s oldest building, the Rubrics, and Chief Stewards House, providing new student and staff accommodation and a research space for Fellows Emeriti. [ES]
  • O R 7.7
    Begin developing the new Trinity St. James’s Cancer Institute. [TSJCI]
  • O 7.8
    Redevelop our sports facilities and infrastructure at Iveagh Grounds. [ES; TCDSU]
  • O E 7.9
    Commit to a programme of continual improvement and uniformity of standards of our learning and teaching spaces, facilitated by improved data around the use and condition of the spaces ensuring more effective management for a better student experience. [TEP; CSD]
  • C O 7.10
    Encourage sustainable transport and biodiverse rich areas on campus. [SST]
  • C O 7.11
    Ensure that our built structures accommodate staff and students in an inclusive manner. [D&I; ES]