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We will enrich and expand our global network.Goal 6

In a world in which connectivity is the new growth, Trinity will grow as a university - not primarily by getting bigger, but by becoming ever more connected in an interdependent world. We will do this by playing our role as a proactive member of a world community of researchers, scholars and educators, strengthening our global network of research and educational links. In 2019, the university launched its third Global Relations Strategy (GRS3). Where earlier Global Relations strategies focussed on increasing the numbers of non-EU students, the new strategy takes a more holistic approach, developing our links with our European neighbours, including the UK, as well as deepening our relationships with partners in the rest of the world. In the European context, we will further develop our involvement with the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and the Coimbra Group of European Universities. As a member of CHARM-EU, one of the pioneering first-round university alliances supported by EU funding, we will develop and test an entirely novel concept of a European University, offering challenge-based, multidisciplinary and collaborative degrees, with students moving flexibly across all member institutions. We will increase the number of dual and joint degrees with top partner institutions from around the world based on our highly successful model partnership with Columbia University. At home, we will increase mobility for staff and students at all levels and embed internationalisation deeper in the curriculum and in campus life, ensuring that all our students are better prepared for lives and careers as global citizens. Our new Trinity @ Grand Canal Quay innovation campus will actively engage researchers with both domestic and international companies, and we have ambitious targets to increase the numbers of international companies with whom we collaborate. To achieve all of this, we will continue to collaborate with our network of alumni to strengthen our partnerships around the world.

  • C O 6.1
    Nurture the lifelong relationship between the College and its alumni community through innovative programmes and engagement. [TDA]
  • C O 6.2
    Engage our global network of alumni and supporters in raising €400m in philanthropic funding and 150,000 volunteer hours as part of the Inspiring Generations Campaign. [PC; TDA]
  • O E 6.3
    By 2025, ensure that between 40 and 45% of the graduating undergraduate cohort will have had an international experience as part of their programme. [GRS3]
  • E 6.4
    Develop teaching and learning initiatives to embed an international perspective into the curriculum for all students and across all disciplines. [TT&L]
  • O E 6.5
    Enter into at least one new dual, one new joint and three new articulation programmes per Faculty by 2025. [GRS3]
  • C O R E 6.6
    Deliver a model for the future European University through CHARM-EU. [LRES; GRS3]
  • O R E 6.7
    Intensify our engagement with LERU and the Coimbra Group. [LRES; GRS3]
  • O E 6.8
    Further diversify the international student body with an additional 750 non-EU students, bringing their overall number to 3,750 by 2025. [GRS3; E3; LS; BSDP; SOM]
  • R E 6.9
    Increase the number of non-EU postgraduate taught students by between 35 and 38%. [GRS3]
  • E 6.10
    Increase the number of students on our International Foundation Programme with our partner institution, Marino Institute of Education, to 120 by 2025. [GRS3]
  • C O R 6.11
    Play a key role, as part of Dublin’s new Innovation District, in transforming Dublin into the top 20 of innovation cities globally by 2030. [T@GCQ]
  • O R 6.12
    Add at least one new industry collaborating company from a new country per year. [IS2]
  • O 6.13
    Build a new web presence, based on a Content Management System. [DTS]