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How to receive Ethics Approval

Requirements for Research Ethics Approval

All completed proposals should be sent to Jacob Erickson at

School Ethics Committee Calendar and Deadlines

All students and staff conducting research must receive research ethics release or approval from the School's Ethics Committee. The procedures for this are in the documents below. Start with the ‘RPST procedures for Research Ethics Review’ and then complete the checklist.

RPST procedures for research ethics review (Word)


If the checklist below indicates ethics release can be given then complete the release form and contact your supervisor to confirm that your supervisor agrees and is willing to sign it, and will then forward it on your behalf to the appropriate person as listed below.

Research ethics release record keeper:

For Department of Religions and Theology students – Your Head of Department
For Irish School of Ecumenics Research students – The School's Director of Teaching and Learning Postgraduate
For Irish School of Ecumenics MPhil students – Your Course Coordinator
For Loyola Institute students – Your Head of Department
For School of Religions, Peace Studies and Theology staff – The Chair of the School Research Ethics Committee

RPST ethics checklist and release form (Word)


If the checklist above indicates that an application for Research Ethics Approval is required then students should discuss their research plan and ethics strategy with their supervisors before submitting an application to the School Research Ethics Committee using the form below.

RPST Ethics Certificate Application (Word)

Participant Consent Forms

If you are planning social research interviews you should discuss the consent ethics with your supervisor and consult the RPST School Consent Form Template.

Travel Insurance

Every research field trip also requires a completed Travel Insurance Form and a Risk Assessment. Further details on TCD insurance are available here. Be sure to follow the directions and take note of the Reference Number as confirmation that your application for travel insurance has been received. Please note the list of destinations that are excluded from this scheme.

Other useful documents

  1. The Trinity College Dublin Good Research Practice Document (PDF)

Last updated 27 March 2018 (Email).