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As part of its commitment to make cutting-edge research available to the broadest possible public audience, the MHRC now records its major public lectures and other suitable events for subsequent podcasting. The podcasts are available on Trinity’s YouTube channel.

Professor Robert Bartlett
Dynasties: Family Politics in Medieval Europe, 24 April 2017
The James Lydon Lectures in Medieval History and Culture

Professor John Gillingham
War, Enslavement and Chivalry
The Lydon Lectures 2014, October 2014

Professor Steven Ellis, NUI Galway
The Great Earl of Kildare
Trinity Medieval Ireland Symposium on The Geraldines and Medieval Ireland, September 2013

Professor Robin Frame, Durham
Reconstructing the Past
Launch of the Irish Chancery Project, May 2012

Professor Dauvit Broun, University of Glasgow
Ireland the beginnings of Scotland
The Second Trinity Medieval Ireland Symposium on 'The Irish-Scottish World in the Middle Ages', 18 September 2015

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