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James Lydon Research Seminar in Medieval History

Lydon seminars

Hilary Term 2023-24

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars meet on Thursdays at 4.15 pm in the Trinity Medieval History Research Centre Seminar Room (Room PX2.1), 5‒7 South Leinster St. You are very welcome to attend.

1 February

Peter Fraundorfer (TCD): Catch Them if You Can: Tracing Scribal Hands in 9th-century Irish Manuscripts from the Reichenau chair: Immo Warntjes



8 February

Daniella Banks (TCD): The Fair Unknown and Formations of Chivalric Youth chair: Ruth Karras



15 February

Tadhg Farrell (TCD): Wandering Chariots: Plague, Demographic Change and Aristocratic Warriors in Late Medieval Ireland chair: Séan Duffy



22 February

Holly Shipton (Queen’s, Belfast): Pastoral Organisation: Environment & Economy in 13th Century Leinster chair: David Ditchburn



29 February

Mat Clear (TCD): (Don't Fear) The Leap Year: Negotiating the Date of the Leap Day across Frankish Intellectual Networks chair: Immo Warntjes



7 March

Reading Week



14 March

Alastair Macdonald (Aberdeen): Chivalry and the Lower Orders in Anglo-Scottish Warfare chair: David Ditchburn



21 March

Frances Andrews (St Andrews): Fitting Religious? Rethinking the Thirteenth-century Italian Communes chair: Catherine Lawless



28 March

Patrick McDonagh (TCD): Trouble on the Frontiers: Discord and Conflict in Late Medieval Ireland and Waleschair: Peter Crooks



4 April

Sally Finn-Kelcey (TCD): English Government, Burgundian Dukes & Irish Wool in the Fourteenth & Fifteenth Centuries chair: David Ditchburn



11 April

TCD-Worth Library Lecture in Medieval and Renaissance Medicine & Science
Iona McCleery (Leeds): Turtles, Oysters and Quails: Health and Natural History in Fifteenth-century West Africa chair Pippa Byrne



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