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Public can access documents destroyed during civil war Irish Times, 29 June 2020
Researchers aim to recreate history lost in 1922 Irish Times 8 February 2018
Robert the Bruce and Ireland’s last, Scottish high king (Seán Duffy) Irish Times, Saturday 19 Sept. 2015
Exporting Magna Carta: Exclusionary Liberties in Ireland and the World (Peter Crooks) History Ireland 23:3 (July/August 2015)
Magna Carta at 800—the Dublin Connection (Peter Crooks) Irish Times, Opinion Page (16 June 2015)
Manuscript returns to Dublin 400 years after leaving

Irish Examiner, 20 March 2015

Medieval manuscript returns to Dublin RTÉ News, 19 March 2015
Battle of Clontarf, special issue of History Ireland, ed. Seán Duffy History Ireland 22:2 (March/April 2014)
What did Brian Boru ever do for us (Professor Seán Duffy in conversation with Patrick Freyne) Irish Times, 10 April 2014
Brian Boru, master of psychological warfare (Donnchadh Ó Corráin review of Duffy Brian Boru) Irish Times, 8 March 2014
Brian Boru at the Battle of Clontarf: a medieval version of 1916? (Professor Seán Duffy) Irish Times, 25 January 2014
What JBM and Davy Fitz have in common in Geraldines ancestry (Professor Seán Duffy)

Irish Independent, 13 September 2013

Obituary of James Francis Lydon Irish Times, 13 July 2013
TCD web project resurrects long-lost ghosts of Irish history Irish Times, 10 May 2012
“Framing” the Anglo-Norman Invasion: Robin Frame on medieval Irish history and why it matters (in conversation with Peter Crooks) History Ireland 20:3 (2012)
Medieval water tax collectors show Big Phil how it’s done (Front Page I.T. headline on occasion of CIRCLE launch) Irish Times, 10 May 2012
The past as a bucket of ashes? (Peter Crooks) History Ireland 19:4 (2011)
Archives in Crisis (Peter Crooks) History Ireland 18:3 (2010)

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