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Dr Bernard Meehan

Bernard Meehan

Bernard Meehan’s research focuses on insular manuscripts, history and culture, sixth-ninth centuries; and history and manuscripts of Scotland and northern England from the Norman Conquest to c.1200, with excursions into modern literary and archival subjects. Currently working on a comparative study of early medieval art in Scotland and Ireland; on the art historian Françoise Henry; and on an early 14th-century compilation of historical texts from St Mary’s Abbey, Dublin (TCD MS 11500).

Selected publications:


  • ‘The Book of Mulling (Trinity College Dublin MS 60): Bindings and “Blurrings”’, in Proceedings of the Seventh International Insular Art Conference (Dublin, 2016)
  • 'A fourteenth-century historical compilation from St Mary's Cistercian abbey, Dublin’, Medieval Dublin XV (Dublin, 2016)


  • The St Cuthbert Gospel. Studies on the Insular Gospel of John (British Library MS Add 89000): ed. Claire Breay and Bernard Meehan, author of, ‘The Irish Pocket Gospel Books’ (London, 2015)
  • The Book of Kells (London, 2012)
  • The Book of Durrow. A Medieval Masterpiece at Trinity College Dublin (Dublin, 1996)
  • The Book of Kells. An illustrated introduction to the Manuscript in Trinity College Dublin (London, 1994)
  • Entries in Art and Architecture of Ireland vol 1, Medieval Art and Architecture c 400-1600, ed. Rachel Moss (Dublin, 2014)
  • ‘”New” Narrative Scenes in the Book of Kells’, in Making Histories. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Insular Art, York 2011, ed. Jane Hawkes (Shaun Tyas, Donington, 2013)
  • ‘Book satchels in medieval Scotland and Ireland’, in A Crannog of the First Millennium AD, ed. A. Crone and E. Campbell (Edinburgh, 2005)

Scotland and northern England

  • 'Durham twelfth-century manuscripts in Cistercian houses', in Anglo-Norman Durham, eds. D. Rollason et al. (Woodbridge, Suffolk, 1994).
  • 'Notes on the Preliminary Texts and Continuations to Symeon of Durham's Libellus de exordio', in Symeon of Durham. Historian of Durham and the North, ed. D W Rollason (Stamford, Lincs, 1999).
  • ‘Symeon of Durham (fl. c.1090–c.1128), Benedictine monk and historian’, in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (OUP 2004)

Literary and archival

  • ‘Conrad on Olmeijer: An Unpublished Letter of 1914’, The Conradian 29 (Spring, 2004)
  • Review of Sidney E Berger, Rare books and special collections (London 2014), in Archives and Records (2015)

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