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The James Lydon Research Seminar in Medieval History

The Seminar series is named after the former Lecky Professor of History who initiated the TCD seminar, based on his experiences as a graduate student in London.

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars will be held online using Zoom.

All are welcome.

Further info: Dr Simon Egan

Hilary Term 2020-21

4 February

Magi et Incantatores: Depictions of Magic in Early Medieval Irish Hagiography, Jeremy Korth (TCD)



11 February

Gendered Power and Accusations of Sexual Immorality in 14th Century England and France, Audrey Covert (TCD)  



18 February

Game Above My Head: Goading and Gender in the Sagas of Icelanders, Sigrun Wik (TCD)



25 February

Heavenly Bodies: Christina Mirabilis and The Community of the Living and the Dead, Samantha Sandy (TCD)



4 March

The Memory of the Late Middle Ages in Ireland: The Preservation and Modification of Historical Narratives by the Irish Record Commission, Anna Attwood (TCD)



11 March

The Lancastrian Peripheries and the Vocabulary of Disaster, 1422-1461: Mapping the Conceptual Framework, Michael Brennan (TCD)



25 March

Lead Burial Plaques as Testimony to Life Writing in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries, Lisbeth van Houts (University of Cambridge)



1 April

Rethinking Giants: Gender, Race, and the Riddarasögur,  Nahir Otaño Gracia (University of New Mexico)



8 April

The Battle of Evesham (1265) and the Legacy of Simon de Montfort’s ‘Martyrdom’, Sophie Thérèse Ambler (Lancaster University)



15 April

Feminising Migration: Women's Experiences of Movement in the Viking Age, Pragya Vohra (University of York)



22 April

Fraud in the Medieval Mediterranean Economy, Hussein Fancy (University of Michigan)



6 May

TCD-Worth Library Lecture in Medieval and Renaissance Medicine
Mapping Medical Knowledge in Medieval Iceland: Manuscripts and Sagas, Sarah Baccianti (Queen’s University Belfast)

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