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Student Testimonials - MSc Law and Finance

Holding an M.Sc. in Law and Finance and being on my dream career path humbles me when I look back at how I started after my Abitur. Coming from a small town in the alpine region of southern Germany, I realized that I needed new impressions to test and develop my skills. Back then, I did not know what to study, so I decided to start an apprenticeship in a luxury hotel in Austria and explore the world of hospitality. My former CEO encouraged me to study in a metropolitan city like Munich. This environment forced me to establish an entirely new network which helped me enter the world of consulting.

It is fair to say that it was a long journey from being an apprentice in the hospitality sector to a senior consultant and now an investment analyst in a private equity firm. The latter would not have been possible without the support of Trinity.

The MSc. Law and Finance programme was essential to honing my knowledge. The private equity class taught by Kyran McStay was terrific. He gave valuable insights into PE, trained us to take on big tasks, and challenged our work ethic and approach seemingly unsolvable challenges. In addition, learning about sustainable finance and its legal issues further helped me reorient my skills to find opportunities in industries where a significant overhaul is needed.

Besides the lectures, Trinity allowed me to engage with like-minded students through the various societies it hosts. My favourite was the Trinity Student Managed Fund. As a member, one could conduct weekly sessions with fellow members to discuss fund investment opportunities and get training from the more experienced members. Furthermore, one could access the exclusive speaker series consisting of renowned executives.

My time and experience in Dublin transformed me in more than one way. But, importantly, it gave me the confidence and abilities to break into the private equity circle of Munich. Finally, it would be remiss to mention how Felix and Martha, the programme directors, helped open a new chapter for me. Thanks to them, I now have the opportunity to pursue my PhD at Trinity Business School, where I look forward to helping develop new academic theories about employee participation in non-public SMEs.

Tim Schwarzmeier
MSc Law and Finance 2021-22

Prior to coming to Trinity, GOI-IES Scholarship holder Victoria O’Gorman worked as Senior Legal Analyst in the National Development Bank of Argentina (BICE) where she structured regulatory frameworks, credit agreements, and public work contracts to foster productive and infrastructure investments. After working for a corporate law firm in Buenos Aires, Victoria decided to pursue a career in the public sector and since then she served as Chief of Staff at a Secretariat of the Ministry of Security, advisor of Argentina’s public media holding CEO, and currently providing external advice at the Directorate General for Recycling and Circular Economy of the City of Buenos Aires.

Having experienced the difficulties that developing countries face to address their infrastructure gap and how their volatile political and macroeconomic conditions hinder economic growth, Victoria is now seeking an “MSc in Law and Finance” aiming to put these two fields at the service of projects towards sustainable development and social inclusion.

My time at Trinity has been an amazing journey and has marked a turning point not only in my career but also in my life. Being part of this inspiring academic community has allowed me to expand my horizons, benefiting from an environment that strives for excellence, attending lectures with brilliant professors, learning hard-skills to leverage my knowledge as a lawyer, and sharing meaningful ideas within a broad and diverse international alumni network. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity and hope to bring out the best of this experience to tackle future professional challenges and advocate for a fairer and more equal international landscape.

Victoria O'Gorman
MSc Law and Finance 2021/2022, GOI-IES Scholarship holder

I studied MSc. Law and Finance in Trinity College Dublin (Trinity) between 2019-2020. As an international student, studying at Trinity has been a life enchanting and career-defining experience. Having engaged in financial industry in China for over 5 years, I came to Trinity to obtain a deeper knowledge of the global operations of both business and legal sectors, especially in the EU context. I was impressed by Trinity as a world-leading college with great teaching and research resources. Trinity has provided us with a wide range of subjects to choose from and a great variety of resources to conduct our own research. 

There are additional challenges for international students. Thankfully the lectures were delicately designed, the reading materials were well-structured, and there were plenty of interesting projects to keep us busy. There were also many opportunities to communicate with professors & lecturers and interact with fellow students who come from a diverse cultural background. Many new friendships were fostered and having diversities on our team has allowed us to appreciate the different perspectives and helped us to deliver even better academic performances.

Many of the fellow students have acquired valuable internship experience or trainee offers before the commencement of their study. They are hard-working with the spirit of professionalism, but also relaxed so they always brought out their natural talents. I enjoyed most when we discussed and debated within the team over team projects. The experience turned out to be the very chance to sharpen my mind and enhance my analytic skills to a great extent.

Apart from the academic side, Trinity has put great emphasis on helping graduates to take the first step towards their career goals. Our career development officers have been actively reaching out the potential employers and keeping us posted with plenty of recruiting information in a timely manner, and everyone was kind to me anytime I need help. During the preparation for my job interview, I received invaluable support from almost everyone in the class. They advised me on the career path designing, proofread my application forms, and prepared me for the interview questions. Also special thanks to Kate, who has been a huge help in every step of my job searching process.

No matter what major you are in, you will be attracted to the campus with its sense of art and peacefulness. It is absolutely enchanting. I am grateful for what I have learned before and looking forward to coming back for further study sometime in the future. My time in Trinity has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. I strongly recommend Trinity as a college that offers great opportunities.

Chenchen Sun
MSc Law and Finance 2019/20

I completed my Chartered Company Secretary qualification in India in the year 2017 and worked in one of the Top 500 Listed Companies and in a Systemically Important Financial Institution in India as their Company Secretary. While I was working as the Company Secretary, I’ve had hands-on experience in managing various restructuring projects and equity raise transactions involving PE investors from multiple jurisdictions. During this process, I realized that legal knowledge coupled with strong commercial acumen is extremely important to create a niche in the corporate space hence I started to explore the courses that are offered by leading universities and that’s when I came to know about the interdisciplinary course in Law and Finance offered by the School of Law, TCD in collaboration with Trinity Business School. This program was a perfect choice for my professional interest for very two valid reasons. Firstly, the program allowed me to specialize on a range of modules such as Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, EU Financial Services Laws, Regulation of Alternative Investment Funds, Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture Capital which in turn helped me to comprehend the regulatory regime in Ireland and the EU as a whole while enabling me to understand the commercial sense behind a corporate transaction. Secondly, the program had candidates from different walks of life and from different ethnic groups which in turn enhanced the quality of learning by providing wider spectrum of opinions and expertise. Furthermore, the lecture sessions were highly interactive and the lecturers provided us with thought-provoking and invaluable insights into financial and regulatory matters.

Overall, I would like to conclude by saying that Trinity is fantastic in terms of diversity and academic standards and I am extremely honored and elated to have been a part of the maiden batch of the MSc Law and Finance program. With this kind of impact and outreach I am sure that the course would benefit the students enrolling and the market that’s waiting to absorb them, rendering a win-win situation. It is needless to again emphasis that I would certainly recommend this course to those who like to excel.

Adithya Sivaraman
MSc Law and Finance 2019/20