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LL.M Scholarship Recipients

(Joshua Hovsha (Kader Asmal Fellowship), Samuel Tyrer (Hyman Tarlo Scholarship), Alexander Heinze (Law School Alumni Scholarship) and Nubia Martins Domingues (Government of Ireland Scholarship (Brazil))

Government of Ireland Scholarships 2020/21

Government of Ireland International Scholarships are awarded to high calibre students from non-EEA countries to study in Ireland for a period of one year. The relevant terms and conditions attached to the Scholarships include:

The HEA will award a scholarship fund to the student (through the HEI that the student is attending) amounting to €10,000 for one study year. This fund is directed at supporting student costs and living expenses. The scholarship may be for:

  • Final year of an undergraduate programmes;
  • one year of a taught master degree programme or;
  • one year of a research programme (i.e. one year of a 2-year research masters or a 3-4 year PhD programme).
  • Trinity would provide a full tuition fee waiver to successful students for the specified scholarship year (i.e. tuition fee and registration charge are waived).
  • It is expected that a total of 60 scholarships will be funded by the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships for the academic year 2020/21 across all participating Irish Higher Education Institutions.
  • Successful Scholars are to commence studies in September 2020.

The Application Process

Applicants are required to be in possession of a conditional or final offer for admission to Trinity at the time of application for the scholarship and will be required to submit a copy of the same.

Applications should be submitted by the individual student applicants and not by host Institutions.

The application should be submitted via this portal.

Any questions regarding the call for applications should be submitted to and not the School of Law. The answers to many Frequently Asked Questions are available on the website.

The deadline for applications by students is 17.00 Irish time on 27 March 2020.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Further information on the evaluation criteria and assessment process is available from the Government of Ireland Scholarship/HEA information flyer.


Constantia Maxwell Faculty Studentship 2020/21

Students may apply to be considered for Constantia Maxwell Faculty Studentship for academic year 2020/21. The value of the studentship is a 3,000 euro contribution towards LL.M tuition fees (EU or Non-EU) in academic year 2020/21. It is generously funded by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Trinity College Dublin.

This studentship seeks to acknowledge the quality of entrants to our taught LL.M programmes and the on-going contribution of LL.M students to our Law School and Faculty. It aims to support and develop gifted postgraduate students.


This studentship is available to new entrants (EU and Non-EU) to any of our four LL.M. degrees, for admission in September 2020. In order to be eligible, applicants must hold and have officially accepted an Unconditional Offer of a place on one of these programmes by 5pm (GMT), 15th July 2020.

Selection Criteria

Applications are assessed competitively with the sole criteria for the grant of the studentship being the proven academic merit of the candidate. It is accepted, however, that very many candidates with exceptional qualifications apply annually to the programme. Thus the decision as to the recipient of the studentship (which is made at School level) is at the exclusive discretion of the LL.M. Course Director.

As only one studentship will be available in 2020/21, LL.M applicants are strongly advised to apply for all other funding and grants open to them.

LL.M. applicants are expected to apply for the renewal of any Local Authority Scholarship they may have held as undergraduates.


This studentship is open to EU and Non-EU postgraduate students undertaking studies on one of our four LL.M. degrees in the academic year 2020/21. It is offered subject to the following conditions:

  • The holder must engage in full-time study and must register for one LL.M. degree at the Law School in academic year 2020/21;
  • The holder is required to engage in relevant academic activities as determined by the LL.M. Course Director;
  • The holder must not be a simultaneous holder of other grants, or funding or other awards (or any other awards with a similar monetary value).

  • How do I apply?

    LL.M. Applicants who meet the above eligibility criteria and wish to be considered for this studentship must submit a one-page letter no later than 5pm (GMT), 15th July 2020 indicating:

  • Full name and TCD application number (assigned by TCD when application is submitted);
  • Interest in being considered for the award;
  • The reasons why they believe such an award would be justified.
  • Letters should be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format to Please use subject title "Constantia Maxwell Faculty Studentship".

    Kader Asmal

    Kader Asmal Fellowship

    The Law School of Trinity College Dublin is pleased to announce the Kader Asmal Fellowship. This fellowship applies to Human Rights Law, specifically the LL.M. (International and Comparative Law) at the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin, with candidates to be selected by the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC). Canon Collins Trust, on behalf of the Government of Ireland, invites applications for the Kader Asmal Fellowship Programme via

    Professor Kader Asmal was a lecturer in the School of Law at Trinity College Dublin from 1963 until 1990 and served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts (Humanities) between 1980 and 1986. He was a member of the first democratically elected government of South Africa having previously been a leader of the Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement. Dr Asmal combined his academic career with a commitment to social and political reform and this has influenced the way many of the staff at the Law School teach law, with one eye on how legal developments affect contemporary political and social issues.

    The Kader Asmal Fellowship will cover, amongst other costs, tuition fees, economy travel to and from your country of residence to Ireland, a monthly personal living allowance (stipend).

    For full eligibility criteria please see


    To apply for this scholarship through the Canon Collins Trust you must:

    1. be a resident national of South African
    2. Have a minimum of two years relevant work experience (this can include internships and volunteering)
    3. Hold an honours' level academic qualification with a minimum grade point average of 75% (First class honour, or second class honour, Grade 
    4. be seeking funding for a full-time postgraduate programme in one of the above listed subject areas
    5. be able to take up fellowship in the academic year 2020/2021
    6. Must not have applied for Kader Asmal Fellowship Programme on more than one previous occasion.

    Please note applicants already in possession of a Master’s degree are not eligible.

    How do I apply?

    Full details are available at

    P. Erasmust

    Prior to coming to Trinity, 2016/17 Kader Asmal Fellowship Patricia Erasmus was manager of the Refugee and Migrant Rights Programme at Lawyers for Human Rights in South Africa and manager of The University of Pretoria pro bono legal aid clinic. She also held a position as a lecturer of law at Varsity College in South Africa.  Patricia’s professional goals are to use the law as a tool for rights protection of marginalized groups in the African continent and she believes in strategic litigation as a method for change, alongside promoting awareness about state accountability within communities through advocacy.

    "My experience at Trinity has been an incredible privilege.  I have been exposed to ideas and ways of thinking which have expanded my world view and provided me with legal tools and inspiration to continue my work in human rights protection.  I won't forget this year I am spending at Trinity."




    Ireland's Fellowship Programme

    Ireland’s Fellowship Programme enables students to benefit from a prestigious, world-class, quality education contributing to capacity building whilst also profiling the best that Ireland has to offer in education.  A range of different strands are offered under the Programme.  Each strand has a different focus in terms of eligible countries and subject areas.

    The School of Law is delighted to confirm that applicants who are eligible to apply for the following fellowship strands can select the LLM (International and Comparative Law) as their chosen course in their application. Please note that applications for some strands are by invitation only.

    • Ireland-Africa Fellows Programme (Application by invitation only) ;
    • Ireland-Asia Fellows Programme (Application by invitation only)
    • Ireland-Palestine Scholarship Programme (Application Dates TBC)
    • IDEAS Scholarship Programme (Vietnam – Applications close 11 November 2019) ;
    • Kader Asmal Fellowship (South Africa – Applications closed for 2020/21)
    • Roger Casement Fellowship (Nigeria – Application dates TBC)

      The Fellowship Programme aligns with the Irish Government’s commitment under Global Ireland  and other development and international education strategies. It is fully funded by the Irish Government and managed by the relevant Embassy responsible for eligible countries. Programme implementation in a, conditions of application, application procedures and closing dates are available at

      Postgraduate Global Scholarship for Excellence

      Students may apply to be considered for a Postgraduate Global Scholarship for Excellence. Several scholarships valued at 5,000 euro each, applied as a reduction of the tuition fees of a full-time postgraduate taught program.  It is open to all Non-EU postgraduate Students at Trinity College Dublin and is not specific to the School of Law.


      Applicants who have non-EU (international) status and will pay tuition fees at the non-EU rate. Applicants must have submitted an application to their chosen programme at Trinity College to be eligible.

      Selection Criteria

      The scholarship will be assessed based on academic achievement, and evaluation of the applicants’ potential to contribute to the overall TCD community.

      How do I apply?

      Application instructions and submission deadlines are available on the Scholarships for Postgraduate Study website.


      Claddagh Scholarship Programme (China)

      Trinity College Dublin are delighted offer a number of scholarships for Chinese nationals under the Claddagh Scholarship Programme. Five scholarships valued at 5,000 euro each, applied as a reduction of the tuition fees of a full-time postgraduate taught program. These scholarships are offered throughout the University and are not specific to the School of Law.


      Applicants who are normally resident in China, who have non-EU status and will pay non-EU tuition fees. Applicants must have submitted an application to their chosen programme at Trinity College to be eligible.

      Selection Criteria

      The scholarship will be assessed based on academic achievement, and evaluation of the applicants’ potential to contribute to the overall TCD community

      How do I apply?

      Application instructions and submission deadlines are available on the Scholarships for Postgraduate Study website.


      North/South Postgraduate Scholarships (Ireland)

      Universities Ireland, the body which promotes collaboration between universities in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, is offering four scholarships to students who meet the eligibility requirements as set out by Universities Ireland and who have been accepted to undertake a recognised Master's degree or are entering the first year of a PhD programme at a university on the island of Ireland. The aim of this scheme is to encourage outstanding students from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to cross the border to undertake postgraduate study and experience life in the other Irish jurisdiction. Each scholarship is worth €15,000 each.

      These scholarships are offered throughout all universities on the island of Ireland and are not specific to the School of Law. However, we encourage LL.M applicants who meet the eligibility criteria to consider applying. Full eligibility criteria, conditions of application and application procedures are available at