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As Course Director of the Trinity College Dublin Taught Master in Laws programmes, I would like to thank you for your interest in our programmes.

Approximately 110 students register to study for one of the four taught Master in Laws (LL.M.) programmes. These programmes boast an enormous number of different modules – enough to cater for the needs and interests of all our students. Whether you wish to learn about aviation law, banking and financial services law, data protection regulation, refugee law, national security law or the legal system of China (and anything in between!) you will find it on our programmes.

The LL.M. continues to expand and to grow in profile. In recent years, the LL.M. was listed by the Irish Times as one of the top masters courses in any discipline in an Irish University. It also ranked No. 18 in Western Europe in the Top 200 Best Masters in Business and Commercial Law Global Rankings 2017. There are four LLM degrees on offer annually - Master in Laws (LL.M.), Master in Laws (LL.M. (International and Comparative Law), Master in Laws (LL.M. (International and European Business Law)) and Master in Laws, (LL.M. (Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law)).

This year we are delighted to introduce a new joint programme with Trinity Business School - our MSc Law and Finance offers an advanced qualification to graduates of law, business or economics.

Recent academic years have seen a record level of international students hailing from 30 EU and non-EU countries, from Guyana to Uganda, and accounting for nearly 60% of the LL.M student body. Both students and staff benefit in an intellectually rigorous and culturally diverse environment, which also deepens the sense of community amongst these one-year students.

The Law School prides itself on its close relationship with its student body. We recognise that the student experience is not exclusively classroom based. In addition to supporting the activities of the College’s many societies and student activities, we encourage our students to participate in the many student organisations that focus on law-related activities. Through participation in these societies, along with the other great clubs and societies in College, you will greatly enhance your educational experience.

Professor Gerry Whyte

Director of the LL.M Programmes