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Professor Blanaid Clarke
McCann FitzGerald Chair in Corporate Law, Law


Blanaid holds the McCann FitzGerald Chair in Corporate Law at Trinity College Dublin where she lectures in: Corporate Governance in the EU; Contract Law; Company Law; and Responsible Business, Ethics and ESG. She is Convenor of the School"s Corporate Law, Governance and Capital Markets Research Group and Director of the LLM Programmes in the Law School.

Her research interests include: governance (corporate governance, fund governance and central bank governance); ethics; financial services law; securities law; and takeover law and she has published extensively in these areas.

Blanaid is the Irish representative on the OECD Corporate Governance Committee and a member of the European Securities and Markets Authority's Shareholder Transactions Working Group (previously the Takeover Bids Network).

She is Deputy Chairman of the Irish Banking Culture Board and works with the Irish Takeover Panel. She is also a member of the Institute of Banker's Certified Investment Fund Director Institute Advisory Committee.

Blanaid is a Vice President of the Academic Board of the European Banking Institute and Deputy Chair of the Royal Irish Academy's Ethics, Politics, Law and Philosophy Committee. She is a member of: the European Model Company Act Group and the University of Oslo's Sustainability Law Research Group.

Previously, she was also a member of: the IMF's Safeguards Assessments - 2022 External Expert Panel (2021-2022), the Irish Central Bank Commission (2010-2018); the European Securities and Markets Authority's Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group (2018-2020); the European Commission's Informal Expert Group on Company Law (2014-2018); and the Reflection Group on the Future of EU Company Law (2010-2011). She was on the editorial board of the Journal of Business Law and was one of the editors of Palmer's Company Law and (2009-2021) and Legal Studies (2011-2016).

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sustainable Finance: Country Report Ireland (forthcoming) in, editor(s)Jens Ekkenga and Martin Winner , Sustainable Finance in Europe, 2023, [Felix E Mezzanotte (with Blanaid Clarke)] Book Chapter, 2023

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


Blanaid's research interests include company law, corporate governance, fund governance, ethics & responsible business, accountability, capital markets law and takeover law.


Banking Law; Business/Corporate Law; Capital Markets Law; Company Law; Contracts; Corporate Governance; Financial Services Regulation; Takeover Regulation