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TriCON Book of the Month - 'Property Rights and Social Justice'.

Webinar hosted by TriCON - Thursday 22 July, 6pm (IST)


  • Mr. Justice Donal O'Donnell (Irish Supreme Court).
  • Advocate General Gerard Hogan (European Court of Justice.)

In conversation with

  • Professor Rachael Walsh (Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin).

Chair: Professor Aileen Kavanagh (Professor of Constitutional Governance and Director of TriCON, Trinity College Dublin).

In Property Rights and Social Justice, Rachael Walsh analyses 'progressive property' in action, examining how constitutional property rights mediate between private ownership and social justice. It does so through the prism of the Irish Constitution's property guarantees, which uniquely in the English-speaking, common law world both protect property rights and requires their regulation by the State to secure social justice. Walsh argues that primacy is often accorded to political determinations about the appropriate balance between property rights and social justice, meaning that the political impact of constitutionalisation needs to be disentangled from its strict legal effects.

In this webinar, Mr Justice Donal O’Donnell and Advocate General Gerard Hogan will engage in conversation with Professor Walsh about the interrelated themes of property rights, social justice and constitutional law, chaired by Professor Aileen Kavanagh. All welcome.

Registration for the webinar can be completed here