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Prila Host Expert Meeting on Prison Oversights

Prila Host Expert Meeting on Prison Oversight - Thursday 2 April

On April 2nd, PRILA will host the ‘Prison Oversight in International and National Context: Dynamics, Dilemmas and Opportunities’ workshop. The workshop brings together academics and practitioners working in the area of prison oversight to discuss and reflect upon PRILA research findings and recommendations. PRILA conducted empirical research on prisoner and staff perceptions of international oversight in Norway, Scotland and Ireland. Additionally, PRILA conducted the first EU-wide survey of NPMs and prison oversight bodies. Based on this research, PRILA identified general recommendations in the area of prison oversight, which will be further developed as part of the workshop. While the workshop is a closed event, the PRILA team invites reflections and suggestions to improve upon these draft recommendations. If you would like more information about PRILA research findings or to share your reflections, please get in touch at prila at

PRILA Recommendations on Prison Oversight Best Practice (DRAFT)

Recommendation 1: The Monitoring Process Recommendation The Monitoring Process

a. Adopting a systematic approach to prison monitoring visits.
  • Identify best practices for carrying out and preparing for oversight visits.
  • What are the best sources of information, research techniques, ways to triangulate data sources?
  • b.Improving in-prison Engagement.
  • How to increase awareness of prison oversight bodies and visits?
  • How to improve interactions within the prison? With prisoners? With staff?
  • Recommendation 2: Recommendation Design and Dissemination

    a.Strengthening recommendation design.
  • How to ensure recommendations are specific, measurable, achievable and time-bounded?
  • b.Dissemination of recommendations
  • How are recommendations disseminated, and can this be improved?
  • To whom should recommendations be disseminated?
  • Recommendation 3: Monitoring Recommendations

    a. Assessing implementation
  • How to assess changes in policy/practice based on recommendations?
  • b. Assessing outcomes
  • How to assess in-prison outcomes/applicability of recommendations?
  • Recommendation 4: Transparency and Credibility

    a.Documenting and disseminating decision-making.
  • Identify strategies to improve transparency in visits and reporting.
  • b.Documenting and disseminating assessments
  • Identify strategies to share information about implementation and monitoring of recommendations.