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Government of Ireland Scholarship 2022-23 - Guidance to Postgraduate Law Applicants

Government of Ireland Scholarship 2022/23.

As the deadline for Government of Ireland Scholarship Scheme 2022/2023 approaches, we recommend those intending to apply for this scheme submit their postgraduate law course applications to the School of Law as soon as possible and before end of February 2022. This will allow the School of Law and the University’s Admissions office time to review applications and return recommendations in time for the Government of Ireland Scholarship deadline.

Applications for our four LLM programmes and MSc Law and Finance programme can be submitted here

Full details on the Government of Ireland Scholarship programme are available here

A number of Non-EEA postgraduate law students have been successful in obtaining this prestigious funding since its introduction. In 2020/21, Ms Fatima Asgarova (Azerbaijan) received the GOI Scholarship to support her studies on LLM (Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law. Read her story below:

Fatima Asgarova (Azerbaijan). Government of Ireland Scholar, LLM (Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law) 2020-21

About my education - I passed the University entrance exam with high results which gave me the chance to study at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan during 2014-2018. I then obtained my first masters degree at Baku State University that focused on Commercial law. During my studies I also engaged in many extracurricular activities. I participated in a study visit to ELSA, Amsterdam and in the “Human Rights Academy” held in Baku and visited the International Criminal Court, European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation and The Netherlands Commercial Court of Appeal. Due to my top exam points and full participation at the Academy, I gained a chance to visit Strasbourg where I attended lectures on the EU's legal issues at the Council of the European Union and visited The European Court of Human Rights. I then worked as a lawyer in private companies in Azerbaijan and as a leading specialist at the Law Department of BakuBus LLC.

As can be seen from my background, I was always interested in the legal policies of different countries, while comparing it with local legislation but it was challenging to find gaps and think about the future of legal relations. The development of new technologies makes lawyers think about the future of law and human rights in that context as well, so I decided to pursue my second masters degree in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law. My dream was to study in foreign country and the GOI-IES scholarship made my dreams come true.

Getting a chance to study out of your boundaries is a huge challenge and I think everyone should try it once in their life. Considering that the 2020-2021 academic year was an extra challenging one, our professors did their best to deliver their valuable knowledge on data protection, cybersecurity, cyberspeech, media law, copyrights, trademarks, patent law. Studying at Trinity was not only about completing another milestone of my academic background and gaining new skills, it was about being a part of a diverse community and sharing ideas with classmates from all over the world.