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Law School academic staff awarded grants by the Arts and Social Sciences Benefactions Fund (ASSBF)

Three members of academic staff have been successfully awarded funding from Trinity College's Arts and Social Sciences Benefactions Fund. 

Dr. David Kenny has been awarded funding to undertake archival research at the New York Public Library, where the papers of Truman Capote are kept. His project, in the field of law and literature, examines Capote's seminal non-fiction In Cold Blood and considers the use of narrative to uphold the institutions of law.

Dr. Felix Mezzanotte has been awarded a ASSBF grant to pursue a two-year research project entitled ‘Sustainable Finance in Ireland: Integrating Social Objectives in Investment Decisions’. Social investment objectives (SIOs) have become an essential component of EU sustainable finance. However, complexities around how to define SIOs, how to design SIOs-based products and how to measure social impact suggest that asset management firms, a crucial actor in sustainable finance policy, will find significant challenges to integrate SIOs in decision-making. Using data from asset management firms, this project will identify and examine such challenges and evaluate the prospects for the development of sustainable finance in Ireland.

Dr. Maria Grazia Porcedda has received funding for a project on the interplay between cybersecurity, privacy and data protection. Amongst the activities planned for the next two years, it is intended to organise a workshop bringing together scholars in this field.