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Law of the Sea

Date: Saturday, 26 June 2010


About the Conference

The conference will address areas in the law of the sea which have caused problems of interpretation internationally, including topical issues (such as piracy off Somalia) and those which appear to require closer attention than they have generally so far received. The papers will ultimately be published in book form by Brill Publishers, Leiden.

Programme and Speakers

9.00 AM


Certain Legal Questions Relating to Straight Baselines and ‘Non-Natural’ Basepoints in the Law of the Sea

Convenor: Declan Smyth, Deputy Legal Adviser,
Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin



Charting Obligations and Publicity on Baselines under Art.16 of UNCLOS: A Misunderstood Issue

Mike Reed, former Attorney US Deptartment of Justice, and member of the Interagency Committee on the US Baseline 1970-1998


Problems relating to Baselines in the Case of Border Bays

Professor Tullio Scovazzi , University of Milan

Tea/Coffee Break
11.15- 12:00

Problems relating to Non-Natural and Man-made Basepoints under UNCLOS, including the Interpretative Ambiguities relating to Art.11 of UNCLOS, as Raised in the Romania/Ukraine Case (2009)

Chris Carleton, MBE, Head of the Law of the Sea Division, UK Hydrographic Office



Conflicting Uses of the EEZ and Residual High Seas Freedoms: Problems of Exercise of Jurisdiction in International Waters, Including Related Human Rights Considerations

Convenor: Professor Vaughan Lowe, University of Oxford


12:00 - 12:45

Coastal State Jurisdiction and High Seas Freedoms in the EEZ in the light of the Saiga Case”

David Anderson, former Judge, ITLOS

12.45- 2.00:

Jurisdictional Problems relating to Non-Flag State Boarding of Suspect Ships in International Waters

Commodore Neil Brown, Director of Naval Legal Services, UK

2.45- 3.30

Human Rights Issues and Non-Flag State Boarding of Suspect Ships in International Waters

Dr Douglas Guilfoyle, Faculty of Laws,UCL


Some Recent Problems concerning Coastal State Control over Ship-based Pollution in the EEZ

Professor Tullio Treves, Judge, ITLOS;

4.30 – 6:00
Wine Reception, the Common Room, Trinity College Dublin
Day 2: Friday, June 4th 2010


Jurisdictional and Definitional Problems relating to the Law of Piracy Jure Gentium in the 21st Century

Convenor: Chris Trelawney, Maritime Security Section, IMO


General Problematic Issues on Exercise of Jurisdiction over Modern Instances of Piracy

J. Ashley Roach, formerly Office of the Legal Adviser, US Department of State

9.45 – 10.30

Recent Legal Issues and Problems relating to Acts of Piracy off Somalia

Cmdr Andrew Murdoch, Naval Legal Services, UK

Tea/Coffee Break

Use of the Law of Piracy to Deal with Violent Inter-Vessel Incidents at Sea beyond the 12-mile Limit: the Irish Experience

Professor Clive Symmons, Marine Law & Ocean Policy Centre, NUI, Galway and Research Associate, School of Law, Trinity College, Dublin


So-called ‘Eco-Piracy’ and Interventions at Sea by NGOs to Protect Whales in International Waters: an Evaluation of the Japanese Position

Professor Atsuko Kanehara, Professor of Public International Law, Rikkyo University, Japan

12.20- 1.05

A Legal Response from the Greenpeace International to the Japanese Viewpoint on NGO Interventions at Sea

Jasper Teulings, General Counsel and Advocate, Greenpeace International, The Netherlands



Outer Limits of the Continental Shelf: Recent Practice and Potential Problems Relating to Submissions to the Commission for the Limits of the Continental Shelf [CLCS] in Instances where Regional Maritime/Land Boundary Disputes Exist or Third State Representations are Made to the CLCS; or where Differences Arise between the CLCS and a Submitting State

Convenor:  Dolliver Nelson, Judge, ITLOS


Causes, Consequences and Solutions relating to the Absence of Final and Binding Limits of the Continental Shelf

Dr Alex Oude Elferink, NILOS, The Netherlands

2.45 -3.30

Problems Arising from Submissions to the CLCS concerning Disputed Areas: A Survey of State Practice to Date

Robert Volterra, Head of Public International Law Group, Latham & Watkins, Solicitors, London and Visiting Professor, University College, London

3.30- 3.45
Tea Break

Analysis of Instances of Third-Party States Intervening in the Submission Process to the CLCS

Ron Macnab, Geological Survey of Canada (retired)


Legal Problems Relating to Differences Arising between Recommendations of the CLCS and the Submission of a Particular State

BjØrn Kunoy, Legal Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Faroes

5:15 Conference Ends


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