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Financial Statements

The University sector is required by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) to prepare annual financial statements, incorporating Consolidated Financial Statements, HEA Funding Statements and a reconciliation between both statements.

The Consolidated Financial Statements are presented in a format compliant with accounting standards generally accepted in Ireland (GAAP) as published by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland and issued by the Accounting Standards Board and the Statement of Recommended Practice – Accounting for Further and Higher Education Institutions. The Board considers that the Consolidated Financial Statements are not readily or directly comparable with other universities because they include all university activity, publicly and privately funded, which varies considerably in breadth and structure across institutions within the university sector.

The HEA Funding Statements, also presented as part of the financial statements, have been prepared on the historically agreed harmonised basis approved by the HEA and Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) and have been adopted by all Irish universities.

Financial Statements

2019/20 (pdf 3.7kb) incl. C&AG Audit Report 2019/20 (pdf 3.2kb) incl. C&AG Audit Report Board approved 24 March 2021
2018/19 (pdf 1.4kb) incl. C&AG Audit Report 2018/19 (pdf 2.6kb) incl. C&AG Audit Report Board approved 25 March 2020
2017/18 (pdf 1.7kb) incl. C&AG Audit Report 2017/18 (pdf 1.8kb) incl. C&AG Audit Report Board approved 27 March 2019
2016/17 (pdf 2.3kb) incl. C&AG Audit Report 2016/17 (pdf 1.5kb) incl. C&AG Audit Report Board approved 28 March 2018
2015/16 (pdf 1.5kb) incl. C&AG Audit Report 2015/16 (pdf 1.4kb) incl. C&AG Audit Report

Board approved 22 March 2017

2014/15 (pdf 1.2kb)

2014/15 (pdf 1.1kb)

Board approved 23 March 2016

2013/14 (pdf 1.0kb)

2013/14 (pdf 1.1kb)

Board approved 24 June 2015

2012/13 (pdf 1.0kb)

2012/13 (pdf 1.1kb)

Board approved 25 February 2015

2011/12 (pdf 1.0kb)

2011/12 (pdf 1.0kb)

Board approved 25 February 2015

2010/11 (pdf 9.7kb)

2010/11 (pdf 10kb)

Board approved 26 June 2013

2009/10 (pdf 1kb)

2009/10 (pdf 1kb)

Board approved 28 March 2012

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