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Accounts Payable - Reimbursement of Expenses



Reimbursement of Staff Expenses

All TCD employees are required to complete their expense claims on-line using the Trinity-wide reimbursement system - Oracle Internet Expenses "iExpenses".

Access to iExpenses
Please complete the Oracle Access Form for iExpenses, available at the following link: This should be signed by your Head of School / Admin/ Support Area and sent directly to the FIS Support Team at: You will receive an email notification when your access has been granted.

When using iExpenses, please ensure that:

Help and Support


All Staff reimbursements are paid in Euro and are made on a weekly basis by EFT on a Thursday in respect of claim forms fully approved and audited (if necessary) by close of business on Tuesday. Please Note, it takes 3-5 working days for the payment to be credited to your bank account


Non-Staff Payment Requisitions

There is a separate form for Non-Staff Payment Requisitions (e.g. One-Off Lecturers, expenses etc.) available at the following links:

Non-Staff Payment Requistion Form: PDF Excel

Appropriate notes and instructions can be found with the link to this form. A "Detailed Analysis of Expenditure" sheet must be used to list/identify all expenses incurred. The total from this form should then be transcribed and coded onto the front sheet of the claim. Please note: In accordance with Revenue Guidelines mileage can only be claimed by TCD Staff.

All reimbursement claims must comply with all Trinity policies, in particular the Hospitality and Entertainment Policy (H&E) and the Travel Policy. For details on these policies please see the links below:

Hospitality & Entertainment Policy 2016

Travel Policy 2016

All Non-Staff payment requisitions are paid on a weekly basis by EFT in respect of fully completed claim forms received in the Financial Services Division by 12.30pm on Tuesday, Please ensure that banking information is complete and you have provided a valid email for the payee so that we can contact them directly if we have any difficulties. Please Note, it takes 3-5 working days for the payment to be credited to your bank account

Contact Information

Ola Kalus AP Deputy Supervisor Ext 8223
Rita Fisher Reimbursements Ext 2892
Linda Bissett Reimbursements  Ext 1955

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Last updated: Oct 18 2016.