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Scholarship Examinations

How are Scholars selected?

Scholars are elected annually from the Senior Fresh Year in various subjects on the result of an examination held in January. In one of the most colourful events of the academic year, the names of those elected are formally announced by the Provost of Trinity College, from the steps of the Examination Hall, on the Monday of ‘Trinity Week’.

What are the entitlements of Scholars?

Scholars are entitled to free Commons (meals in the Dining Hall) and free rooms in College. They also receive an allowance and are exempt from paying fees for the remainder of their undergraduate years and for postgraduate study.

How to apply for Scholarship

Candidates must give notice of their intention to take the scholarship examination on the prescribed form, obtainable from the Senior Lecturer's Office, West Theatre, Trinity College. For specific dates and information please visit this link

The examination is based upon the subjects studied in the Junior Fresh year and the first half of the Senior Fresh year. The objective of the foundation scholarship examinations is to identify students who, at a level of evaluation appropriate to the Senior Fresh year, can consistently demonstrate exceptional knowledge and understanding of their subjects. The examination requires candidates:

  • to demonstrate skill in synthesising and integrating knowledge across the full range of the set examination materials;
  • to demonstrate rigorous and informed critical thought;
  • and to demonstrate a highly-developed ability to solve problems and apply knowledge.

As such, the types of questions found in the scholarship examination differ from those found in the annual examinations.

Scholars Students celebrate outside the Examination Hall as the Provost announces the names of new Scholars

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