Residents and Guests

The following is the case with regards to guests in College Accommodation:

    Overnight Guests

    All visitors and guests must leave accommodation prior to times designated by the relevant College Officers and published in the Residents’ Handbooks at each location. For the main campus the designated time will normally be midnight. At Trinity Hall the designated time is normally 11.00pm.
  • Any visitor or guest within accommodation after the designated time will be deemed to be an overnight guest.
  • Guests may be signed in electronically through the completion of an overnight guest request found within the resident’s online accommodation account at
  • Hosts are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests.
  • Residents may only host one overnight guest at any time and for no longer than the number of nights stated in the Residents’ Handbook without the permission of the relevant College Officer. Permission should be sought at least 5 days prior to the guest’s arrival.
  • Guests will not be admitted to residences after midnight unless they are in the company of their host.
  • Any resident who hosts overnight guests with what the relevant College Officer considers to be excessive frequency may be required to obtain advance permission for each occasion that an overnight guest is to be hosted. The permission may be declined.
  • The relevant College Officer may prohibit a resident from hosting further overnight guests for a period of time at the relevant Officer’s discretion, where a resident has failed to observe the conditions relating to overnight guests.
  • The relevant College Officer may, on giving one week’s notice, suspend or restrict for any period the facility to host overnight guests where this is, in his/her view, in the interests of residences generally or is of assistance to the management and operation of the facility. In exceptional circumstances it may not be possible to give one week’s notice.
  • Overnight guests are normally restricted over the Christmas and New Year period, the night of the Trinity Ball and during the annual exam period. At such times it may be necessary to apply in advance to the relevant College Officer for written permission to host an overnight guest
  • Parties

    A gathering of more than 8 persons within a set or kitchen/common room will be deemed to be a party. Where there are more than 4 residents in an apartment, a gathering of twice the number of residents will be considered to be a party. Parties may only be arranged with the permission of the Junior Dean or Warden of Trinity Hall. Seven working days advance application must be made to the Enquiries Office through the electronic form in the case of residences on Campus and reception at Trinity Hall in the case of residents at Hall. A deposit may be requested and this will be payable in advance.

    To avoid any confusion when applying to host guests or parties in rooms, please read these guidelines carefully as prior notice needs to be given in all cases and other stipulations may also apply.

    Failure to adhere to these guidelines may lead to the revocation of a student's licence to reside in College.