Student Discipline

The Office of the Junior Dean is charged by the Board of the College with the general oversight of student conduct. To that end the Board has authorised the imposition of a series of sanctions in cases which are brought before the Junior Dean’s Office.

For minor offences sanctions may result in a fine being imposed upon a student.

For a major offence sanctions may result a fine, and/or suspension or expulsion from College.

In either case a student may also be required to pay compensation, make reparation  or restitution, and/or donate to a charity on top of other sanctions.

Students who are reported to the Junior Dean are interviewed by the Dean or one of their assistants, who then decide upon what course of action to follow. For minor offences, where the facts of the case are agreed, the actions taken range from a fine to requesting a formal apology to the injured party. Students are entitled to be accompanied at all interviews by the person of their choice - usually their college tutor - although this is usually only necessary in the case of serious offences.

Here following is a list of possible sanctions which may be applied in cases brought before the Junior Dean’s Office. The list emphasises the most common offences and is exemplary but not exhaustive. The Junior Dean’s Office is not bound by an error or omission in the following exemplary list. The primary purpose served by the possibility of the imposition of a sanction is not retributive but preventative: it is to the benefit of all that the regulations are obeyed.

Guests in residences:
Students may have no more that 1 overnight guest and they must be signed in before 12 midnight. Guests may be signed in here. Guests not signed in will not be admitted at Front Arch. You are responsible for your guest. Anyone who is not signed in must be out of your rooms and College by 12 midnight. Failure to adhere to this will lead to the revocation of a student’s licence to reside in College.

Parties in Rooms
Students wishing to host a party require permission from the Junior Dean. Applications for permission should be made at least seven working days in advance to the Enquiries Office through the electronic form in the case of residences on Campus and reception at Trinity Hall in the case of residents at Hall.

Urinating in a public place within College:
This is a public order offence which, by this very fact, may prompt the involvement of the Gardaí. A fine of €150.00 is imposed against each and every offence and the student may have their licence to reside in College revoked.

Climbing over College Walls or Gates:
This offence is treated with the utmost seriousness because, aside from the fact of being against College regulations, it is inherently dangerous and likely to lead to the serious injury or possible death of any student attempting such activity. Students caught climbing the walls or gates will face a fine of €200.00. A student who climbs over or attempts to climb over College walls or gates may also have their licence to reside in College revoked.

Activities that result in a risk to the health and safety of others:
Tampering with fire alarms, fire safety equipment and other activities which place others in danger of risk or injury will result in a fine of €150.00 for each respective incident for each respective individual involved in the activity. A student who engages in activities that result in a risk to the health and safety of others may have their licence to reside in College revoked. This includes smoking in College rooms and other non-smoking areas.

Failure to evacuate in case of a fire alarm:
Residents or guests who fail to evacuate a building in which a fire alarm had sounded face a fine of €150.00. A student who fails to evacuate their room in the event of fire alarm being sounded may also have their licence to reside in College revoked.

Misuse of College/College Residential ID:
A College ID and/or a College Residential Key/s are the responsibility of the member of College to whom it/they have been issued. Passing over such means of identification to another party, College member or not, is an offence. Using such identification falsely is an offence. When College ID or College Residential Key/s have been improperly or falsely both parties are liable and may face reprimand and a fine of up to €200.00. In the case of the improper use of College Residential Key/s the resident may also face the possible revocation of guest privileges on a temporary or even permanent basis. The student found in possession of College Residential Key/s in such a case may also face barring from College residences on a temporary or even permanent basis.

Further details

All students are bound by the regulations as stipulated in the College Calendar General Regulations and Information. Attention is particularly drawn to subsection III (Conduct and College Regulations – 1-35).
The procedure to be followed in the case of plagiarism in coursework is described in the College Calendar, in subsection II (Academic Progress – 96-102)
The procedure to be followed for serious offences, such as plagiarism in an examination, are described in detail in the College Statutes