Events / Parties

Individuals or groups wishing to hold events on College property (indoor or outdoor) on or off the main campus are required to make an application, normally two weeks in advance, at the Enquiries Office, Regent House. An electronic application form is available here below for this purpose. Permission to host such events is then sought from the Junior Dean.

Permission to hold an event likely to give rise to a need for additional security must be sought from the Junior Dean at least ten working days in advance, through the Enquiries Office (via the electronic form), and the cost of extra security and other special arrangements must be borne by the organisers. The cost of any damage caused as a result of such an event will also be charged to the organisers, who may be required to lodge a deposit beforehand. Failure to apply in time for permission to hold an event, the plans for which turn out to require special security, will be grounds for refusing permission for that event.

If you are planning an event, please consult the guidance checklist for events, before submitting your application. We also request that you review College's expectations on Speakers/Topics and the Autonomy of Event Organisers.

Application for general events may be submitted via this website on the electronic Application Form for Events

Application for residential parties may be submitted via this website on the electronic Application Form for Residential Parties

Bake Sales and Stand Bookings:

Note: Special arrangements are now in place for those organising Bake Sales