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Erasmus, Year Abroad and Summer in Italy.

A year, or semester studying abroad is one of the highlights of the Trinity experience. Immersing yourself in Italian language, culture, life (and sunshine!) is a valuable way of achieving fluency and will open your world. We encourage you to spend as much time in Italy as you can.

All TJH students must spend at least two months in Italy before taking their final examinations.
There are a few ways to achieve this:

  1. An Erasmus/Study Abroad exchange (in your third year only)
  2. A Year ‘off-books’ working and living in Italy before your final year
  3. A non-Erasmus year at the University of Pavia, funded by one of our bursaries (see below)
  4. Taking a summer in Italy

All ES/MEELC must spend the Junior Sophister year abroad. This is an integral and required part of the European Studies and MEELC programmes. Marks derived from work assessed at your exchange university during the Junior Sophister year abroad enable you to progress to the Senior Sophister year.